Robo Revenge Squad

Robo Revenge Squad Controls and Shortcuts

Developer and publisher Rikodu has finally launched their newest co-op robot game, Robo Revenge Squad. With the fun and action that you’re about to experience in the game, this article will cover all the Robo Revenge Squad controls to help you get started.

Robo Revenge Squad Controls

The following are the default Robo Revenge Squad key bindings. Unfortunately, it seems that these default controls are fixed as we were not able to find any in-game options to modify or remap the controls.

Special SkillQ
Interact / ResurrectE
Drop AttachmentX
Throw BalloonT
Aim and SelectMouse
Main Hand AttackLeft Mouse Button
Offhand AttackRight Mouse Button
Special AttackMiddle Mouse Button
Robo Revenge Squad Controls

Apart from the mouse and keyboard support, the developer of the game confirmed that Robo Revenge Squad has full controller support. This only means that you should not be facing any major issues while playing the game using a gamepad controller. If you happen to experience some problems, we recommend checking our Robo Revenge Squad controller troubleshooting guide.

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