Robot Squad Simulator X

Robot Squad Simulator X Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer Bit Golem and publisher Ultimate Games released the official Robot Squad Simulator X achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Robot Squad Simulator X, players will be collecting 24 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. None of the listed achievements is hidden or secret. Check out the full Robot Squad Simulator X achievements for Xbox One.

Robot Squad Simulator X Achievements

Training Mission 1Complete Training Mission 130
Training Mission 2Complete Training Mission 230
Training Mission 3Complete Training Mission 330
Training Mission 4Complete Training Mission 430
Training Mission 5Complete Training Mission 530
Training Mission 6Complete Training Mission 630
Mission - Bomb in the parkComplete Bomb in the park Mission40
Mission - ShipwreckComplete Shipwreck mission40
Mission - Accident in the coal mineComplete Accident in the coal mine mission!40
Mission - Gold in the mineComplete Gold in the mine mission40
Mission - Helicopter crashComplete Helicopter crash Mission40
Mission - Finding the packageComplete Finding the package Mission40
Mission - Taking back the packageComplete Taking back the package Mission40
Mission - Sea piratesComplete Sea pirates Mission40
Mission - Fire in fuel factoryComplete Fire in fuel factory Mission40
Mission - Checking contamination in factoryComplete Checking contamination in factory Missio40
Mission - Desert VillageComplete Desert Village Mission40
Mission - Desert terrorist baseComplete Training Desert terrorist base Mission40
Mission - Clearing the desert baseComplete Clearing the desert base Mission40
Mission - Bomb in schoolComplete Bomb in school Mission40
Mission - Gas leakage in factoryComplete Gas leakage in factory Mission40
Mission - Terrorist attackComplete Terrorist attack Mission40
Box collectorCollect 32 game boxes100
Certified Robot PilotComplete all tutorial missions80

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