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Roll With The Punches Achievement – The Ball

Roll With The Punches
Crush 15 enemies in one push

How to Unlock Roll With The Punches Achievement

Seems pretty easy and straightforward, right? In theory, yes. In practice? It was a little more difficult. So I figured I would share my method.

So the biggest obstacle in our way for this is the lack of enemies spawning tight enough together where this is possible. Can’t be done at all in the campaign mode to my knowledge, and in survival mode, there are plenty of enemies but the trick is finding an ideal location where there are enough enemies in one area at one time lined up well enough that you won’t get overwhelmed by them before getting it. I spent an entire day pretty much just going after this achievement and finally found a great spot where it worked on my 2nd attempt.

So in Survival level 2, Teniza you start out the level next to a pool of water by a drain, with the ball just in view off to your left.

Go straight towards the ball and grab it with your grabber and keep moving forward up the stairs till you come to a wood barricade and turn right. Down to the end of the hall, right again, down to the end of the hall and right again, up a small ramp. Here there should be a pillar in front of you, a little alcove off to the right, and a hall/balcony to the left overlooking that area you initially spawned in. For the purposes of this guide, we are going to go right into that little alcove, facing out towards the balcony/hallway holding the ball in front of us.

Now it can’t be done this early in the level as there aren’t enough enemies spawning yet. So you can honestly progress the level any way you like you need to make it up to about level 5 or 6 out of 9 in order for there to be enough enemies. You can do that from this alcove as it is a fairly safe spot to shoot the ball out and draw it back killing enemies in the process, but it can be tedious as they slow down to a crawl at times here. Either way, once you are far enough along come back to this spot and kill bad guys until they are barely coming to this location any more, preferably about halfway through one of the level progress bars.

Once you are sufficiently progressed, return to that spot. From facing the balcony there ready to roll the ball and kill bad guys, look to your right. You should see an explosive ball on the floor beneath you across the way like this:

Turn back to the ball, grab it and turn back and fall forward just off of that ledge.

Once on that ground level again turn left to face the hoard that is there and backpedal up the stairs behind you with the ball, then stop and build up your punch hammer while lining up the bad guys behind it and let loose!

Hopefully, it helps, I struggled trying lots of different areas and ways and none of them was close to this easy.

Guide by Iddake.

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