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Rumors Suggest that Final Fantasy Origin is a PS5 Exclusive Game

Taking some people by surprise, a rumor arose on the network that Square Enix is ​​working on a new game in the Final Fantasy series more focused on action that possibly will be revealed during E3 2021. Supposedly, the title will be produced by Team Ninja, developer of Nioh and Ninja Gaiden.

The first details show that this game will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 initially, but it should also show up on the PC at some point later. It also runs the data that it will probably be called Final Fantasy Origin, and would have its events linked to what was seen in the first title of the series for the nostalgic 8-bit Nintendo.

Although we do not have more details about how the gameplay will work, it was said that this new project is underway together with Team Ninja (from the classic Ninja Gaiden series ) and would have a more action-oriented footprint, just like the elements seen in Nioh and Dark Souls – however, with a much more accessible difficulty for the general public.

Finally, there was also a mention that a demonstration would already be planned for the third quarter of this year, which indicates that the title’s production has been going for some time.

So, can you imagine what comes from this mix between Square Enix and Team Ninja? Do you like the idea of ​​a Final Fantasy like this? Without a doubt, if the Final Fantasy Origin rumor is real, it is something interesting for the franchise. Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.

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