Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 Controls and Shortcuts

Marvelous Inc’s newest RPG farming simulation game Rune Factory 5 has finally arrived. Just like the previous title, you will be having a lot of actions, adventures, and encounters in the game.

Due to the massive world of Rune Factory 5, you will be facing strong opponents, which is why you need to have basic knowledge of the game. This page offers all of the important Rune Factory 5 to help you get started.

Rune Factory 5 Controls

Below is the list of Rune Factory 5 key bindings. Of course, you can remap these controls by customizing them on the Rune Factory 5 launcher.

MovementW A S D
Camera ControlI J K L
Swap Gear Button 1Left Arrow
Swap Gear Button 2Right Arrow
Select Button UpUp Arrow
Select Button DownDown Arrow
AttackLeft Mouse Button
Link AttackLeft Shift
RA / Magic Button 1R
RA / Magic Button 2G
RA / Magic Button 3F1
RA / Magic Button 4F2
DashRight Mouse Button
Spell SealSpacebar
Mini MapZ
Map MenuM
Camp MenuTab
Lock OnMiddle Mouse Button
Cursor DisplayT
Pause MenuEsc
Rune Factory 5 Controls

Apart from the mouse and keyboard, you can also use a controller to play Rune Factory 5. However, due to the limited number of buttons of a gamepad controller, some actions that are listed above are not available on a controller. That being said, we highly recommend playing Rune Factory 5 using your mouse and keyboard.

This concludes our Rune Factory 5 controls guide. In case we missed any important key controls of the game, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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