RuneScape – The Restless Ghost Quest Guide


This guide will be covering the steps on how you can complete the quest called The Restless Ghost in RuneScape. If you’re one of the players having a hard time completing this quest, this guide is for you.

Unlike any other quests in RuneScape, The Restless Ghost quest don’t have any requirements. This means that you can start this quest anytime you want.

The Restless Ghost Quest Guide

Talk to Father Aereck in Lumbridge church and ask him for a quest.

He will tell you that his graveyard is haunted by a ghost and that you need to go to Lumbridge swamp and speak with Father Urhney for help.

Go south of the graveyard and follow the rocky path to find his cabin in the swamp (West of Lumbridge south-east mine).

Speak with Father Urhney and choose the option “Father Aereck sent me to talk to you” he will give you a ghostspeak amulet.

Wear the ghostspeak amulet and go back to the graveyard by following the rocky path and open the coffin to reveal the ghost.

Speak with the ghost and he will tell you that you need to find his skull so he can be set free.

Go all the way south until you have found a mining area. There is a big rock on the hill close to the mine and you will need to search the rock.

On the moment you have searched the rock you will find the skull but you will also be attacked by a level 7 skeleton warlock.

Finish him off if this pleases you and return to the graveyard. Use the muddy skull on the coffin and you will complete your quest.

Quest Reward

  • 1 Quest point
  • 125 Prayer Experience points lamp
  • 5x ancient bones that each give 200 prayer experience (So in total 1000 prayer XP)

Please keep in mind that you may receive treasure keys upon quest completion but may not be shown in the video or on the steam guide since I am playing on Ironman Mode.