Pokemon Detective Pikachu Trailer

Ryan Reynolds Is Pikachu In Pokemon Detective Pikachu Live-Action Film

Pokemon fans, Warner Brothers Pictures has just released a new trailer for the first Pokemon live-action movie Pokemon Detective Pikachu.

The new trailers take us to the Pokemon world where a young teen named Tim, who gave up his dream to become a Pokemon trainer meet detective Pikachu. Unlike the other Pokemon in this movie, Tim understands what Pikachu has been saying.

Pikachu is known as the face of Pokemon, and its cute appearance increased the game’s popularity back then. In Pokemon Detective Pikachu, Ryan Reynolds will be dubbing the voice of Pikachu that will help Tim uncover the mystery behind his father’s disappearance.

Apart from Pikachu, some iconic Pokemon also appeared in the trailer such as Charizard, Psyduck, Mr. Mime, and Greninja.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu live-action film hits theaters on May 11, 2019, and was based on the Nintendo 3DS game of the same title. Tagging along with Ryan Reynolds is Justice Smith who will be playing the role of Tim.

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