Saint Kotar

Saint Kotar – Mechanics, Tips, and Gameplay

Looking forward to playing Saint Kotar? You’re in luck as we will be covering the basic game mechanics of Saint Kotar in this article.

How to Play Saint Kotar

  • Use mouse to point cursor, click left mouse button to walk to desired spot.
  • Click on objects or characters with left mouse button to perform action.
  • Hold spacebar or right mouse button to highlight interactive objects in the environment.
  • To open the inventory, click on inventory icon with left mouse button or middle mouse button (wheel).
  • Press keyboard letter “I” to open and close inventory.
  • Select inventory item with left mouse button, examine inventory item with mouse button.
  • To use or combine selected inventory item with other inventory items or with interactive objects and characters in the environment, move mouse cursor over and click left mouse button.
  • A second portrait appears above the inventory icon when it’s possible to switch between playable characters. Click left mouse button on portrait, or press shift key, to switch characters.
  • Double click left mouse button to run to desired spot.
  • Always explore all dialogue options.
  • Always examine the environment with meticulous care and stay wary. The unknown is here, lurking in the shadows…

Are you ready to solve the mysteries in Saint Kotar? It’s now time for you to get familiar with the Saint Kotar controls.

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