Saints Row (2022) Perks | How to Unlock and List of Perks

Saints Row (2022)

Just like any other video game, there’s a perks system in Deep Silver’s reboot of Saints Row. Equipping these perks will give players passive abilities and bonuses that are useful during missions and other activities in the game.

As you progress through the game, you will soon unlock these perks. However, some of these perks require specific tasks to unlock, which we will be telling you about in this article.

How to Unlock Perks in Saints Row

To unlock perks, you need to complete a certain number of challenges in the game. These challenges are mostly side objectives. You can obtain these challenges by opening your phone and clicking on the Missions app.

Assuming that you have already unlocked some perks, you can equip them by opening your phone, then clicking on the Perks app. The Perks app will list down all the available perks that you can equip or unequip.

List of Perks in Saints Row

Here’s the list of perks and how you can unlock them.

Tactical Training – Allow players to move faster when crouching and using the fine aim

  • Complete Making Rent

Trampoline – Increase altitude when using wingsuit bounce.

Death Race – Increase running speed when you’re close to death.

  • Complete 1 challenge

In the Flow – Players will never lose flow except when performing a skill

  • Complete 2 challenges

Close Call – When driving, you will gain more boost when you have a near-miss experience.

  • Complete 3 challenges

On the Down Low – Allow users to get less notoriety for any actions.

  • Complete 4 challenges

Gunslinger – Increase accuracy when using hip fire.

  • Complete 5 challenges

Sneak Attack  – Increase attack damage when attacking from behind.

  • Complete 6 challenges

Scavenger – Allow users to pick up more ammo boxes.

  • Complete 7 challenges

Fire Resistant – Decrease received fire damage while taking in control while on fire.

  • Complete 8 challenges

Dead Eye – Increase reload speed after getting a headshot kill.

  • Complete 9 challenges

Full Contact – Decrease takedown cooldown when kicking an enemy before killing them.

  • Complete 10 challenges

Loot Grab – Automatically pick nearby ammo or cash.

  • Complete 11 challenges

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