Sally Face Episode 2 The Wretched Full Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

Full walkthrough for perfectionists such as myself (all secrets, achievements, side and main quests, etc.)

All Achievements

  • Devour – find all four seals.
  • The Addison Family – got Addison to talk about his past.
  • Unseen – broke into 403 and talked with Sanderson’s ghost.
  • In Seeking Providence – completed all chapters of the SBG game.
  • The Box – finished the puzzle box story.
  • Best Buds – had every optional conversation with Larry.
  • Conjure – finished episode two.

Sweet Dreams

The Dogman

  1. Walk to the right
  2. Talk to Sal’s mother
  3. Continue to the right until you reach the ambulance van
    • Enter the van

The Sewers

  1. Go left and enter the bathroom
  2. Interact with the plunger in the right corner of the bathroom
  3. Walk right until you reach the dehydrated pony
    • Talk to the pony
  4. Walk left and climb up the ladder
  5. Go left and climb the ladder again
    • Interact with the switch
  6. Continue right and climb the ladder up again
    • Go right until you reach the switch and interact with it
  7. Climb two ladders down and go right until you reach the last switch
    • Once you interact with it Sal should say: “It worked!”
  8. Climb down and walk over the pony to leave the sewers
  9. Interact with the bathroom door and witness the murder
  10. Leave the apartment
    • Follow the bloody footprints into the void
  11. Charley knows you touched his pony

Addison Apartments

The Tree House

  1. Follow Larry outside after talking to him
  2. Climb up the tree house
    • Walk right and interact with the picture (In Seeking Providence 1/10)
    • Interact with the chest and take the puzzle box (The Box 1/3)
  3. Leave the tree house
  4. Go back inside Larry’s room
  5. Talk to Larry
    • “Is your mom okay?” (Best Buds 1/8)
  6. Head up to 504
    • Go into the bathroom
  7. Head back down to the basement
  8. Talk to Larry
    • “What room is Todd in again?” (Best Buds 2/8)

The Super Gear Boy

  1. Head up to 202
    • Meet Todd and Ashley
    • Ask Todd for help by saying: “I need your help.”
  2. Return to the basement
  3. Enter Larry’s room
    • Interact with the antenna from the police scanner next to Larry’s art supplies
  4. Return to 202
    • Talk to Todd
    • Reception: antenna
    • Power: walkie talkie
  5. Test out the Super Gear Boy
    • Press Shift and then R (In Seeking Providence 2/10)

All Things Paranormal

The Johnsons

  1. Go down to the basement
  2. Enter Larry’s room
    • “Check out the Super Gear Boy!” (Best Buds 3/8)
  3. Head left and outside
  4. Go left and enter the treehouse
  5. Walk up to the picture
    • Activate the Super Gear Boy by pressing Shift and then R
  6. Talk to the phantom (In Seeking Providence 3/10)
    • The phantom’s name is actually Jim Johnson and he is Larry’s father
    • Deciphered dialogue #1: “No one can know about this okay Sal? Not even Larry. Many lives will depend on it.”
    • Deciphered dialogue #2: “I’m sorry, I don’t have much time. Just remember the red ball. You have to remember the red ball.”
    • Deciphered dialogue #3: “I have to go now, the bridge is closing. Don’t forget: the red ball. Don’t be afraid to die. I’ll be waiting for you.”
  7. Exit the treehouse
  8. Enter Larry’s kitchen
  9. Activate the Super Gear Boy
    • Go to the far left of the kitchen and press R once you get the signal (In Seeking Providence 4/10 and Devour 1/4)

Odd Neighbours

  1. Go to 102
  2. Talk to Miss Rosenberg
    • Exhaust every dialogue option (The Addison Family 1/3)
  3. Use the Super Gear Boy in front of Miss Rosenberg (In Seeking Providence 5/10)
  4. Go to 202
    • Enter Todd’s room and talk to him (The Addison Family 2/3)
  5. Go to 204
  6. Look for the signal and use the Super Gear Boy (Devour 2/4)
  7. Go to 202
  8. Talk to Todd again

The Addisons

  1. Knock on the 103 door
    • “About Addison Tea” (The Addison Family 3/3)
  2. Go down to the basement
    • “Have you seen this necklace?” (“Best Buds” 4/8)
  3. Go up to the 5th floor
  4. Go far left past the 501 door
    • Activate the Super Gear Boy next to the boards (Devour 3/4)
  5. Go to 502
  6. Activate the Super Gear Boy by the bird cage on the left (Devour 4/4)

Unfinished Business

The Little Girl

  1. Go down to the basement
  2. Walk right and interact with the Lost ‘N Found box
    • Press R
    • Talk to Megan (In Seeking Providence 6/10)
  3. Go down to the basement
  4. Talk to Larry
    • “How you holding up?” (Best Buds 5/8)

Party Animal

  1. Go to 302
    • “Can I borrow your crowbar?”
  2. Go to 301
  3. Talk to Sierra
    • Chess tournament
  4. Talk to CJ
    • 89.3 station (classical music)
  5. Talk to Azaria
    • Telephone
  6. Go to 302
    • “Can I borrow your crowbar?” (Unseen 1/2)

The Box

  1. Knock on the 302 door again
    • “Can I come in?”
  2. Interact with the little dial near the couch (The Box 2/3)
  3. Press “Q” and open the box
    • Rotate the first side to look like this:

    • Rotate the second side to look like this:

    • Rotate the third side to look like this:

  1. Go down to the basement
  2. Talk to Larry
    • “Got the crowbar.” (Best Buds 6/8)
    • “I opened the box.” (Best Buds 7/8)
  3. Go to 202
  4. Talk to Todd
    • “Take a look at this…”
    • The text can be read backwards
  5. Talk to Todd again
    • “What happened to the computer chip?”
  6. Go to the basement
  7. Talk to Larry
    • “About the puzzle box…” (Best Buds 8/8 and The Box 3/3)
  8. Enter 403 (use the crowbar)
  9. Activate the Super Gear Boy inside
    • Press “R” over the pool of dried blood
    • Talk to Mrs. Sanderson (In Seeking Providence 7/10 and Unseen 2/2)
  10. Go to 504
  11. Enter and go right
    • Use the crowbar on the door
  12. Activate the Super Gear Boy by the mattress (In Seeking Providence 8/10)
  13. Go left and crawl through the hole (WARNING! POINT OF NO RETURN!)
  14. Activate the Super Gear Boy by the noose (In Seeking Providence 9/10)

In Seeking Providence

You have found all 8 chapters, time to play!

Press “Q” and select to play the Super Gear Boy

  1. Chapter 1
    • Find your way through the maze, while avoiding the deadly spikes
    • Take the book from the altar
  2. Chapter 2
    • Find your way through the maze, while avoiding the deadly lasers
    • In the first room press the switch on the upper-left and make your way to the door at the top
    • In the second room press the switch on the lower-right and make your way to the door at the top
    • In the third room press the switch in the middle of the room and exit through the door on top
    • In the final room head straight up to the altar and use the key
  3. Chapter 3
    • Walk up and enter the church
    • Talk to the man next to the door
    • Enter the door on the right
    • Check each door for the sound of someone crying
      • Enter the doors in this sequence: top, right, bottom, right
    • Talk to Stacy
  4. Chapter 4
    • On each level you will need to cut the power lines at the bottom, while avoiding the cultists
    • When all the lines are cut, enter the right door
    • Talk to Mrs. Rosenberg
  5. Chapter 5
    • Now you have to find your way through the woods
    • Walk through the forest in this sequence: bottom, left, bottom, right
  6. Chapter 6
    • Find 3 skulls in this maze, while avoiding the deadly spikes
    • There’s one on the top, bottom-left and top-right
    • Watch as you summon the demon
  7. Chapter 7
    • Another maze
    • Avoid the lasers
    • First switch is on the top-right
    • Second switch is on the top-left
    • The last switch is on the bottom left
    • Walk into the fire
  8. Chapter 8
    • Make your way through the hallway
    • Collect the book and walk back
    • Leave the hallway (In Seeking Providence 10/10)

The Final Stretch

The Red-Eyed Demon

  • Watch as Luke reveals his final form
  • Enjoy an emotional moment with Larry

Back to the present

  • Enjoy the dialogue between Sal and Dr. Enon in prison
  • As Dr. Enon walk towards the treehouse and climb up
  • Examine the boxes, picture, shelves, and floor
  • Rest In Peace, Larry and Dr. Enon(Conjure 1/1)
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