SAS Zombie Assault 4 Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Quick Tips (except for the beginning few) that will increase your knowledge of the game


Since other guides generally go over the entire game, this is a list of things you can do or should know to make your experience easier or more enjoyable. If you are more of a veteran please let me know if I missed anything or need to change something, even if you have something specific to add (I have 70 hours as of writing this)



Basic Perks – Pay Grade, Field Supplies, Grenade Damage, Energy Boost

(PG is just end game money, FS the ammo is not worth the points, you’ll burn through it, GD you don’t throw grenades often, even if you do more damage isnt worth it, EB just get Energy Regen)

Medic – Protective Aura, Bad Blood, Zombie Antidote

(PA extra armor it gives isnt good, BB damage is pitiful, ZA even upgraded it is more effective to shoot than drain all your energy)

Assault – Close Combat Expert, Gun Mod Expert

(CCE damage isnt good will drain energy, GME you’ll wish you had your points back after finishing augments)

Heavy – Brute Strength, Concussion, Aerial Bombardment

(BS pushing stuff faster isnt useful, Concussion stunning isnt as good as any other abilities, AB even upgraded it is more effective to shoot than drain all your energy)

Maybe for a specific build


Basic Perks – Health Regen, Critical Shot, Recovery Time

(HR its alright for assault or heavy but there are better things, CS correct me if im wrong its not as good as it may sound, RT you can increase respawn with augments, i have a couple points in it though)

Medic – Revive, Final Farewell

(Revive have a couple points if you want, FF always have 1 point)

Assault – Deadly Force

(Assaults other perks are more useful than the small increase it gives, could use it to push damage a bit though)

Heavy – Heavy Gear

(Put 1 point into it but more probably isn’t necessary)



Basic Perks – Fast Reload, Fast Movement, Toughness, Body Armor Expert, Energy Regen

(FR lets you get back to shooting faster thus increases damage, FM lets you escape and not die also navigate quicker, Toughness lets you more hits, BAE is a must a high levels with high resistance you survive a lot better, ER lets you spam abilities more often)

Medic – Medkit, Bio Cleanse Bomb

(Medkit is a must for medics its their best feature, BCB although augments can decrease resistance it is a good perk for at least 1 point)

Assault – Adrenaline, Stim Shot, Killing Spree, Assault Team

(Adrenaline increase move, shoot, and reload speed it is a must, SS have 1 point, KS the damage increase is massive when leveled, AT is like having 3 free turrets that follow you)

Heavy – Hold the Line, Tough Body, Die Another Day

(HTL both the damage increase and pierce is good, TB with high resistance is when you really become a tank, DAD gives 90% damage reduction which is alot)


The big three for weapons are Deadly, Overclocked, Adaptive. Replace Deadly with Tenacious for certain guns. The other augments all have their uses depending on the gun type, for armor have fortified whatever other perk the armor piece allows you to use. There are some augments that may fit your build or playstyle (exp. Pinpoint for crit, Biosythensis for health regen, etc.)


The quickest missions are Zombie Pods or VIP. The best mission for money is Survivors, be sure to shoot cash registers (it gives more than money contracts). All missions have secret loot rooms which are the main source of loot besides the boss. Always join faction war even if you cant contribute much yet to get planet favors to get good weapons from the armory later. The only contract really worth doing is xp but not even because multiplayer events give more.

List of Small Tips

1. You will occasionally encounter hackers in multiplayer lobbies. The most common hack they use is invulnerability. If you are sure they are hacking (be sure they dont just have high resistance) email the official support to get them flagged as a hacker and then they cant play multiplayer

2. Save your 1 free skill respec per character for when you are a high level (50 should be the lowest). It will cost real money after that

3. Really consider if you want a premium weapon or not. They are pricey and leveling faster is a good or bad thing depending how you look at it. You can get guns that perform almost as well.

4. On a similar note as tip 3 buying strongboxes, sas cash, or instant revive tokens is not worth it

5. To get strongboxes fast and easy load any faction war mission, grab the boxes shown on your mini map, die, then repeat. You get 0-2 boxes in 20-40 seconds

6. Generally the best gun type is shotguns, the fact they shoot pellets per shot massively adds DPS.

7. Buy all 3 match buffs every match before level 30, the turrets are nice after that and they get very expensive (high roller goes from 5,000 to 125,000)

8. You can get resistance to 99%. This is a game changer especially for high levels

9. You can leave multiplayer events and still get your rewards. This is useful because for apocalypse you get less points past wave 27 im pretty sure.

10. Turn off screen shake to be able to see better with explosions going off

11. As a medic bounce your medkit up against a wall to have it heal double (I dont know why)

12. If you have 2 or 3 black strongboxes, go ahead and try to get a key before you reach 5 strongboxes and have to throw them out.

13. When playing Nightmare missions always use high roller, this is how you can get black keys, they will drop with tier 8 strongboxes sometimes

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