Sea of Craft PC Controls and Shortcuts

Are you having a hard time navigating into the world of crafting in Sea of Craft? Well, you just found yourself in the right place. This page offers a list of all Sea of Craft controls and keyboard shortcuts for Windows PC to help you get started. Sea of Craft is an open-world and crafting video game developed and published by Wizard Games. The game is currently available on PC via Steam.

Sea of Craft Controls

The following are the default Sea of Craft key bindings. Just like any other PC video game, you can change these default controls by going to Option > Key Settings section.

Move Camera in Building State

  • Up – W
  • Down – S
  • Left – A
  • Right – D

Build Operation

  • Rotate Part on X Axis – Q
  • Rotate Part on Y Axis – E
  • Rotate Part on Z Axis – R
  • Undo – Ctrl + Z
  • Copy Selected – Ctrl + D
  • Select All – Ctrl + A
  • Reset Vision – F1
  • Reset Hull – Ctrl + R
  • Overview of Hotkeys – Ctrl + I
  • Gravity Center Display – Ctrl + G
  • Show/Close Advanced Functions Buttons – Ctrl + O

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