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Serious Sam 4 – Atomic Wedgie Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can easily obtain the achievement called Atomic Wedgie in Serious Sam 4. If you’re one of the players having a hard time getting the Atomic Wedgie achievement, this guide is for you.

Before we start, please note that this is not the only way to obtain this achievement. This guide is based on the personal experience of the author.

Serious Sam 4 Atomic Wedgie Achievement Guide

To get the Atomic Wedgie achievement, players must use the mininuke to eliminate 100 enemies at once. Eliminating more than 100 enemies at once is a bit difficult in the game. To make thing easier, you can try the steps below.

The Setup

For this run, we will start a new game on the 6th Map of Morituri Te Salutant on Tourist Difficulty and customize the enemy multiplier to x11 to ensure maximum carnage. We can also have infinite ammunition to make it a little easier.

  • New Game > Serious Sam 4 > Morituri Te Salutant
  • On the Choose Difficulty screen, press F2 to go to the Custom menu
  • From within Customize Game:
    • Enemy Multiplier: 11
    • Infinite Ammo: On

Serious Sam 4

Getting the Side Objectives

It’s expected to take about 5 minutes to hit the side objective if you run all the way – the main threats are getting lost in the mayhem, as well as your frame rate! If you’re struggling for whatever cause, you should be able to safely drop the enemy multiplier by a few points and unlock the achievement.

  • Sprint towards each successive main yellow objective marker.
  • Don’t worry about killing enemies; you should mostly sprint past them, but you can blast something in front of you with a short burst from the Grenade Launcher – note that there’s no self-damage to the Tourist Difficulty!
  • When you enter the first locked gate, approach it to change the objective marker to the position of the keys and activate Sam’s banter. Run to get the keys and then get back.
  • When you reach the compound shown below, wrap around to the left and ascend the stairs, then peel off to the right and through the archway to activate the Side Objective.

Serious Sam 4 Serious Sam 4

The Mini Nuke

After accepting the side objective, head to the blue marker through the courtyards. Kill all the Octanian Commanders (i.e. the Blue Shields) on the way, as I believe this is necessary to open the doors. When you enter the gate, kill as many more enemies as you need before the light turns green over the gate, then run in and grab the Mini-Nuke.

Serious Sam 4

Enemies will begin to spawn once you re-emerge from the Mini-Nuke field. Run to the opposite side of the courtyard and start the clockwise lap of the entire field, get back to the spot where you accepted the side objective at the halfway point, and then go back to the Mini-Nuke gate.

Don’t worry about killing a few enemies in your way (especially Kamikazes) – many will still die in the mayhem, but more will spawn to replace them.

Until you get back to the entrance, spin around and you should see anything like the screenshots below – a ton of Drones and Processed, some Bulls and Kleers, maybe a few Beheadeds managed to live Either way, once the Major Biomechanoids spawn in you, they’ll be good to go!

Serious Sam 4 Serious Sam 4

Let the Nuke lose! Don’t panic if you don’t visually see 100 enemies on the screen – there’s definitely more than you think, plus the ‘killing’ effect lasts a good 5-10 seconds after the impact and will continue to burn up the reinforcements as they spawn, all counting towards the achievement.

Atomic Wedgie achievement is unlocked! It usually shows up shortly after the explosion timer is done, so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away.

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