Sexy Serial Killer

Sexy Serial Killer Achievement Guide and Combat Tips

This guide will be covering the steps on how to get the 100% achievements in Sexy Serial Killer. In addition, we will also be sharing you some combat tips and strategies in Sexy Serial Killer.

Sexy Serial Killer Achievement Guide

There are only 4 achievements, but the difficulty spikes significantly. These are all in the main game and not in the Valentines Day mode.

Sexy Death – yOU gOT pWNED

  • You need to die.

Anime Chicks Rule – You took control of anime girl

  • Get past the first area after you answer the phone and see the extremely long dance scene.

Tough Guy – You beat the tough guy!

  • This achievement is super difficult and tedious to get. You need to kill the optional red Squatter, I will refer now as Achievement Squatter, in the second level when you take control of the anime daughter. After you kill the first red squatter in the maze getting the key, the Achievement Squatter will spawn right before the house where a brown squatter was before. See below for an image of where it is.

Sexy Serial Killer

It is the second hardest fight in the game, second only to the Sexy Serial Killer. With the enemies, see lower in the guide for how I faced this enemy.

Beat the Sexy Serial Killer – You did it! You beat the killer!

  • This is the hardest as you have to beat all the levels in the game and kill the Sexy Serial Killer at the end. The fight was terrible and my hands cramped up trying to push the buttons to dodge and attack her. See below for the combat details.

Sexy Serial Killer Combat Tips

Enemies in this game spike in difficulty real fast. There are several different ways to fight the enemies, but the ways listed below are the way I found success with each enemy. Completely my opinion and you may find some success in fighting a different way.

Brown Squatters and Female Squatters

These ones are easy, lock on with tab and spam the attack button and they will die. If you need a moment to heal, couch and most attack will not hurt you. Female Squatters are the ones in the 2nd anime daughter level in the house with the big boobs. You’ll know it when you see it.

Red Squatters

These ones are tougher than the Brown Squatters as they have more health and hit harder. There are 2 different ways I tackled these enemies depending on the environment. All the enemies gain a kick attack or something similar that will hit you when crouched.

If there are room and general flat areas, I hit them with the targeting system then dodge roll when health is low. The kick attack doesn’t happen often so couching and moving around can work, but not as well as rolling.

If there are smaller rooms and tight corridors, I do not target them and hit them as much as possible until my health is half then I run from them until my health regenerates. Takes longer, but is safer than trying to untarget the enemy and run.

Sewer Squatters

These have the look of a Brown Squatter but are just as hard, if not harder then the Red Squatters. I died many times to these enemies as they group up and seem to vary in difficulty the further you go into the sewer.

All of the enemies from here on are untargeted, these I hit until I am around 1/3rd health and then I run down the corridors until I get my health back. The targeting system worked only once for the first Sewer Squatters, then the 5-6 remaining killed me having to restart.

Achievement Squatter

This one hits harder than any other enemy and will kill you easily. You have to play it smart and cautious when fighting this one as your health will get away from you and restarting the level is time-consuming.

I take the squatter away from the house back where the Red Squatter was in the maze level and hit him until I am around 50-60% health then run like hell. This will take a while, but he will die eventually after several rotations.

Sexy Serial Killer

The hardest fight as she has the most health and causes me the most pain to fight physically and mentally. The room is completely dark and is a small square box, the only light in the room is the killer.

Since the room is dark and small you can’t run away successfully without messing up and hitting a wall. I found attacking until 40-50% health then dodge rolling in a large circle around the room kept the killer form landing 95% of the swings. Spamming that button takes a toll on the ring finger so be prepared to swap fingers or something in order to keep rolling.

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