ShellShock Live

ShellShock Live Trophies and Guide for PS4

Developer and publisher kChamp Games has released the official ShellShock Live trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In ShellShock Live, players will be collecting 56 trophies consisting of 47 bronze, 7 silver, 1 gold, and 1 platinum trophies. There are no secret trophies in ShellShock Live. Check out the full ShellShock Live trophies for PS4 below.

ShellShock Live Trophies

Maxed OutUnlock all other trophiesPlatinum Trophy
XP CollectorEarn 100,000 XPGold Trophy
TriumphWin 500 roundsSilver Trophy
Tank GenocideDestroy 1,000 enemy tanksSilver Trophy
Mass MurdererDestroy 200 enemy tanksSilver Trophy
Duty CallsComplete 75 missionsSilver Trophy
Ultimate ChampionWin 2,000 roundsSilver Trophy
XP AccumulatorEarn 10,000 XPSilver Trophy
Ultimate PlayerPlay 2,000 roundsSilver Trophy
BouncyLand 5 Bumper Skill ShotsBronze Trophy
Hit ManAssassinate 50 enemy tanksBronze Trophy
Assassin VeteranWin 25 Assassin roundsBronze Trophy
Juggernaut VeteranWin 25 Juggernaut roundsBronze Trophy
Rebound VeteranWin 25 Rebound roundsBronze Trophy
Marksman VeteranWin 25 Marksman roundsBronze Trophy
Triple PlayLand a shot that hits a bumper, a portal, and an X2Bronze Trophy
Around the WorldLand a shot that hits both side bumpersBronze Trophy
Charge VeteranWin 25 Charge roundsBronze Trophy
Shoccer VeteranWin 25 Shoccer roundsBronze Trophy
BeastWin an 8 player round as the JuggernautBronze Trophy
Follow the CreedAssassinate 250 enemy tanksBronze Trophy
RicochetLand 25 Bumper Skill ShotsBronze Trophy
DimensionalLand 5 Portal Skill ShotsBronze Trophy
The Cake is a LieLand 25 Portal Skill ShotsBronze Trophy
Deathmatch VeteranWin 25 Deathmatch roundsBronze Trophy
Space-Time GodLand 100 Portal Skill ShotsBronze Trophy
Master of GeometryLand 100 Bumper Skill ShotsBronze Trophy
Double DamageLand 5 Buff Skill ShotsBronze Trophy
OpportunistLand 25 Buff Skill ShotsBronze Trophy
Mr. X2Land 100 Buff Skill ShotsBronze Trophy
Points VeteranWin 25 Points roundsBronze Trophy
ScavengerPick up 50 cratesBronze Trophy
Scrooge McTankSave up 2,500 GearsBronze Trophy
PlayerPlay 5 roundsBronze Trophy
DedicatedPlay 100 roundsBronze Trophy
DevotedPlay 500 roundsBronze Trophy
Big WinnerWin 5 roundsBronze Trophy
Great SuccessWin 20 roundsBronze Trophy
VictorWin 100 roundsBronze Trophy
PerseveranceAttempt missions 100 timesBronze Trophy
Following OrdersComplete 15 missionsBronze Trophy
Call the ShotsComplete 45 missionsBronze Trophy
XP GrabberEarn 1,000 XPBronze Trophy
Two BirdsHit two enemies in one shotBronze Trophy
Rolling In ItSave up 1,000 GearsBronze Trophy
Twenty BirdsHit two enemies in one shot 10 timesBronze Trophy
Two Hundred BirdsHit two enemies in one shot 100 timesBronze Trophy
Triple ThreatHit three enemies in one shotBronze Trophy
Max EfficiencyHit three enemies in one shot 10 timesBronze Trophy
Serial KillerDestroy 50 enemy tanksBronze Trophy
Ouch!Deal 200+ damage in one shotBronze Trophy
Yowzers!Deal 300+ damage in one shotBronze Trophy
CommittedPlay 20 roundsBronze Trophy
King of the LootPick up 250 cratesBronze Trophy
Filthy RichSave up 250 GearsBronze Trophy
BullseyeSurvive 25 shots in MarksmanBronze Trophy

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