Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This guide should aid you to 100% achievements and can be done in one play-through except for reloads which is a personal choice. Within I occasionally hide information via spoiler format to give any reader the option to choose to view certain information or not. But please be aware there are spoilers contained within, if you do not wish to see spoilers please do not continue.


  1. Eavesdropping events only show once specific cases have been completed.
  2. Eavesdropping events can show in multiple locations, not only in locations described within.
  3. 1.33r & 2.33r. r = recurring.

Main Story Achievements

Diamond in the Rough
Solve the first case on Cordona.

Self-explanatory, solve your first case. Done so by completing the prologue.

Once Upon a Time
Open Sherlock’s Room.

Completing order of events reconstruction within Stonewood Manor opens Sherlock’s room.

A Mother’s Arms
Open Violet’s room.

Follow events within Stonewood Manor using Sherlock’s concentration.

Curiouser and Curiouser
Open the cabinet of curiosities.

After completing the case ‘The Muse from Abroad’ Verner Vogel sends a mysterious package to Stonewood Manor. Upon opening Sherlock will have a memory, follow the prompts to open the Cabinet of Curiosities thus unlocking this achievement.

Closing a Chapter
Remember everything.

After solving Sacrificial Lamb, Constable Oswald supplies a copy of a missing report relating to Violet’s demise. Therefore, unlocking this section of the main story, to be rewarded this achievement simply explore the final part of Stonewood Manor and remember everything.

Note: All other cases and activities should be completed prior to this finale, Jon will encourage you to do so, a dialogue choice allows you to move forward or come back later.

Story Related Achievements

Many of the following story related cases originate by following an objective or task contained within the main story – A Mother’s Love.

Poor Sportsmanship (missable)
Try to take the easy way out.

During Jon’s bet to discover who the cane belongs to ask the hotel receptionist and the achievement should be rewarded.

The Walls Have Ears
Eavesdrop on your first piece of gossip.

Hint: Manual save prior to any eavesdropping event.

The Lost Cane leads to this case.

During this case eavesdrop on the two hotel maids standing near the door of room 226.

Spoiler Hint: Quickly accept all statements by pressing ‘W’ or ‘Forward’ in order to discover correct answers. Reload the save and repeat or select correct answers if failure happens.

Mamma Mia! (missable)
Prank Mrs. Nini.

A Mother’s Love – Vogel’s Story leads to this case.

In Mrs. Nini’s shop you are introduced to disguises. To obtain this achievement, whilst in the back room select the painting of the man wearing a hat close to where Jon is standing. Jon will suggest you surprise Mrs. Nini, copy that man’s attire and present yourself to Mrs. Nini.

Answer: Ugly Beige Suit, Top Hat, Long Sideburns, Old Man Makeup.

Everyone’s a Critic (missable)
Find all the books in the Bazookaeology trilogy.

A Mother’s Love – Looking for a Family Friend leads to this case.

During this case Jon encourages you to collect the Bazookaeology Trilogy. Collect all three books to unlock this achievement.


  • In Imogen’s Room – search her luggage.

  • Yacht Club Workshop, Yacht Club, Grand Saray – Storage Room.

  • Archaeological Dig Site, Old City – Tents – Further down, beyond Professor Arthur Swift.

Animal Advocate (missable)
Save Goliath’s life.

Hint: Manual Save prior to a final decision in ‘Mind Palace’ as you may wish to alter the outcome post achievement award.

At the end of ‘Gilded Cage’ choose any option to save Goliath.

Not Now (missable)
Refuse to help Mycroft.

After completing “A Mother’s Love – The Morning of April 9th”, this case is given to you by a visitor to Stonewood Manor.

Pinning this mission prior to leaving Stonewood Manor or later during this mission returning to Stonewood Manor instigates an encounter with an agent of Mycroft, this agent wishes to inform you about a new case. To unlock this achievement, respond with “I’m busy”, there are no consequences to this action as you can immediately talk to the agent again and accept the case. Which you should do because two further achievements are linked to the Love, Death and Cordona case, postpone following that new case for now.

Perfect Gentleman (missable)
Spare the landlady’s feelings.

At Boniface Mercurio’s flat, once all tasks are completed Jon asks you not to inform the landlady of Mercurio’s death. To unlock this achievement, choose dialogue options “Who entered my flat recently?” and “Call the Police to my flat”.

Voice of the People (missable)
Always advocate for the refugees.

Note: This achievement is unlocked by satisfying two requirements during this case.


  • At the refugee camp after inspecting a wounded refugee Jon asks you to help this refugee, do so to fulfil Jon’s Challenge. To complete this start tracking the objective ‘Wounded Refugee’, obtain the required items and prepare to treat the refugee.


  1. Clothes from the line.
  2. Boiling water from the pot.
  3. Aloe Vera near to the intruder’s body.
  4. Perform Chemical Analysis.

Apply treatment to the wounded refugee.

Upon leaving the refugee camp or immediately after searching the archives please read the following hint.

Hint: In order to avoid any mistakes, at this stage familiarise yourself with the second part of this achievement and all the ‘Short Temper’ achievement.


  • Hint: Manual save prior to moving forward.

Give the photo to the Envoy; Thomas Norton. Once done the achievement should unlock.

Short Temper (missable)
Punch first, ask questions later.

Note: This achievement is unlocked by satisfying two requirements during this case.


  • As you are deducing the Envoy’s character portrait choose; Partygoer, this will enable the option to punch him… Do so.


  • Prior to confronting Bernadoti wear your Detective Clothing (default outfit), and whilst talking with the guard at the warehouse entrance choose; “I’m a private investigator” followed by “Hit him”.

Rumour Has It… (missable)
Lift the curtain on bohemian life.

A Mother’s Love – Fractured Memory leads to this case.

Whilst in the cabinet of curiosities, hearing a noise leads you to the hallway, upon investigation you find a package from Verner Vogel, leading to discovery of this case. As you arrive at Kurt Manchios’s Mansion, Jon will suggest a challenge. To complete the challenge and unlock this achievement, you need to eavesdrop two conversations of the ‘Rich and powerful’.

  1. Small room, left of the Foyer.
    Answer: Cheating Groom, Offended Duchess, Fired after Incident, Political Crisis.
  2. Right side of the foyer area, by the entrance.
    Answer: Magic Circle, Occultist Architect, Mysterious Disappearance.

Vengeance of the Lamb (missable)
Get justice for Fabio.

Hint: Manual save prior to any decision.

In order to unlock this achievement, you must choose the death penalty for whomever you find guilty. It should not matter whom you decide between the three suspects as long as you choose the ‘Death Penalty’ option. Once Constable Oswald has been informed the achievement should be rewarded.

Personally, I chose Kurt Manchios, choosing “A sexual predator” within ‘Mind Palace’, accusing him and choosing dialogue option “It was premeditated murder”. Once I informed Constable Oswald I was awarded the achievement.

This concludes the Story related Achievements section of this guide. Manual Save and advance to complete any remaining additional activity achievements.

Other Achievements

Child’s Play (missable)
Solve all the cases for the police.

A Mother’s Love – Vogel’s Story, completing ‘The Master of Disguise’ and searching the archives leads to these cases. Speak to Sergeant Stark.

Complete all the Police Bulletin Board cases. There are a total of four cases to complete for this achievement.

  • The Collie Shangles
  • Splitting the Loot
  • What Was Did in the Shadows
  • The Scapegoat

Well-Earned Rest (missable)
Let an old man have his retirement.

Completing all 4 Police Bulletin Board Cases leads to this case.

During this case you will visit an Apiary, at the Apiary speak to the man in front of the building at the top of the hill. You must first observe and identify him as Placido, the Chief Inspector to unlock the following dialogue options. Choose “You killed him” followed by “I’ll consider your request”. Head back to the Police Station to inform Sergeant Stark, you must tell him “Placido is dead” to receive the achievement.

His First Bow (missable)
Acquire Sherlock’s famous violin.

Discovering posters in Central Scaladio close to St. Clement’s Cathedral leads to this case. Achievement unlocked for solving this case.

Catch of the Day (missable)
Hold an eel by the tail.

This quest is discovered by visiting the Cordona Chronicle when you notice an exclamation mark on its map icon.

The achievement is rewarded after completing two actions respectively, first by entering the correct warehouse containing Friedrich Panzer, and second returning to Yasemin Sertel, editor-in-chief at the Cordona Chronicle. The achievement should be awarded whether you arrest or kill Friedrich.

Answer: The correct warehouse is Warehouse No. 2.

Read It and Weep (missable)
Find the book.

After completing the case ‘Eel Hunting’ Yasemin will offer this case.

In this case Mycroft wishes you to locate a book with a red cover by the author F. D., the achievement is rewarded for finding that book.

Answer: The book can be found after inspecting the dead body of Angelo. Pin ‘Bandits’ Lair’ in the casebook and enter the adjacent cell. Upon inspecting the mattress and using Sherlock’s ‘concentration mode’ to discover a bloody handprint and a loose floor tile, inspect both tile and the coveted book to obtain “Crime and Punishment” by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Return to Miss Sertel for a possible surprising twist to the tale. If you found a wedding ring.

Not His Toy (missable)
Disappoint Mycroft.

Hint: Manual Save prior to moving forward.

This case is given to you by an agent of Mycroft during ‘The Muse from Abroad’ case, you encounter this agent either as you leave or return to Stonewood Manor. To unlock this achievement, you must locate and confront the correct suspect.

Answers: The killer is the man standing by the main gate, choose dialogue “Confront Him”.

Note: Choosing correct accusations here counts towards the “Guilty!” achievement.

Hint: Read the requirements for the achievement “Guilty!”.

Guilty! (missable)
Present accurate evidence in all accusations. (Across three cases)

[Love, Death and Cordona]

In order to unlock this achievement, you must identify the suspect, accuse and present the correct evidence in a total of three cases. See other cases for their answers. In no particular order:

  1. Love, Death and Cordona.
  2. Blindsided.
  3. Iron Coffin.

For Love, Death and Cordona:

  • Once accused the correct accusations for Mark Ridley’s killer are Victim Profile, Meeting Gone Wrong and Jailan’s Letter. Then choose to ‘arrest’ the killer.

Join The Club (missable)
Follow the rules of the Blind Duelling Club.

This case can be discovered during an eavesdropping activity inside the Cordona Chronicle, only after case ‘The Muse from Abroad’.

To unlock this achievement complete Jon’s challenge ‘The True Blind Duellist’, during this case fulfil the Club rules:

  1. Do not talk about the Blind Duelling Club.
  2. Never miss an opportunity to practice your shooting skills.
  3. Do not shed blood at duels or other club meetings.


  1. At the ruins whilst speaking to the Undertaker choose dialogue options: “Let’s get to the point” and “Provide Evidence” then choose evidence “Duel in the Ruins”.
  2. Whilst inside Von Staub’s residence observe Jon ‘finger shooting’ vases. Shoot all 5 vases.
  3. Whilst in the Blind Duelling Club arrest everyone during the fight scene.

Open Eyes (missable)
Take pity on the poor girl.

Answer: Accuse Magda during this case. Choose dialogue ”You are free”.

Note: Choosing correct accusations here counts towards the “Guilty!” achievement.

Guilty! (missable)
Present accurate evidence in all accusations. (Across three cases)


In order to unlock this achievement, you must identify the suspect, accuse and present the correct evidence in a total of three cases.

For Blindsided:

  • After accusing the culprit the correct accusations for Erich von Staub’s killer are Missing Gun Case, Dual in the Ruins, and Letter to Mr. Boddington.

Lawful Neutral (missable)
Interrogate every suspect in the safe murder as a police officer.

This case can be discovered during an eavesdropping activity inside the Police station, only after case ‘The Muse from Abroad’.

During this case Jon suggests Sherlock should pretend to be a Police Officer.

To unlock this achievement, you must interrogate all four suspects whilst wearing a Police Uniform and must not confess you are impersonating a Police Officer.

Answer: Suspects are Basilio Copello, Augusta Copello, Billy Lloyd and Felicia Sevigne.

Friends in Low Places (missable)
Talk to The Pipe in the correct disguise.

To unlock this achievement, before entering the Backyard Boys Hideout eavesdrop on the two gang members you discover as you walk down Clay St.

Answer: Marketplace in Miner’s End, Beggar Informants and Limping Brass. Upon success we learn the location of Pipe.

Pin the objective ‘Thinning the Ranks’, change your clothing to ‘Vagabond Rags & Designer Stubble’ and visit the location of Pipe. Speak to Pipe and choose dialogue option “There is no attack (Easy)” the achievement should unlock.

Guilty! (missable)
Present accurate evidence in all accusations. (Across three cases)

[Iron Coffin]

In order to unlock this achievement, you must identify the suspect, accuse and present the correct evidence in a total of three cases.

For Iron Coffin:

  • After accusing Augusta the correct accusations for Nicolò Detti’s death are Business Affairs, Letter to Felicia, Lawyer’s Letter. Then choose dialogue option ”You are guilty”.

Hocus-Pocus (missable)
Talk to Dilwyn in his hat.

This case can be discovered during an eavesdropping activity on ‘Harbour Avenue, Scaladio, close to Fairy St., only after case ‘Gilded Cage’.

To unlock this achievement, speak to the Magician whilst wearing his hat.

Investigate the Fortune-tellers stall to find a Magician’s Hat, Jon suggests you should wear it. Wear the Hat for the rest of this case, and upon speaking to Dilwyn the achievement should be awarded.

Curse Correction (missable)
Investigate the third accident.

This case can be discovered by eavesdropping on two people outside the Drinking Dutchman Pub, SE Silverton, only after case ‘Gilded Cage’.

To unlock this achievement, investigate three dead bodies, the third as the achievement description suggests was an accident.

Lore Almighty (missable)
Complete all Cordona Stories.

The initially hidden Cordona Stories are discovered as you navigate Cordona, each case will be found as you get close to their trigger location. Many of these cases are short therefore should not take long to complete once found.


In order of discovery during my play-through:

  1. Silence Is Golden – Auto discovery, City Hall.
  2. For the Birds – Silver Mines Monument, close to Silver Hephaestus, Silver Way, Miners End.
  3. Flashes of Merriment – Posters, Legacy Theatre, Scaladio.
  4. The Hand-Me-Down – Hand Statue, Scarlet St. & Arnaut St. square, Old City.
  5. A Mad Rogue – Fortress of Holy Spirit Ruins, Bazaar Rd. & Medrese St. junction, Old City.
  6. The Ghost Hunter – Posters, Bazaar Rd, close to Drinking Dutchman, Silverton.
  7. Pillar of Knifes – Auto discovery, ‘Love, Death and Cordona’ or SSE of Old City Bridge between Hermes Ave and the city wall.

Collectable & Bandit Lair Achievements

Gold Digger (missable)
Uncover all of the treasures.

A Street Crier located at City Hall square issues three Treasure Hunts in total, upon completing the first you must return to him to receive the second and so on. Each of the three hunts has a total of eight treasures, and each treasure has a picture clue to aid discovery.

The Tale of the Empty House (missable)
Refurbish the entire manor.

Discovering an ‘Auction Notification’ letter during; A Mother’s Love – Memories in the Manor leads to this case.

This case requires you to purchase all the auctioned furniture items from different traders around Cordona. Some traders have duplicates of items required, buying all required items costs a total of 645 Currency.

Available items will unlock as you progress through the main storyline, once all items are purchased and all 5 memories viewed at Stonewood Manor the achievement should be awarded.

  • Cheap Antique Trader
    • Reading Torchiere – 30
    • Music Box – 45
    • Taxidermy Creature – 35
    • Preserved Offcuts – 40
  • Luxury Furniture Trader
    • Sturdy Bed – 35
    • Encyclopaedia – 50
    • Globe – 25
    • Dressing Table – 30
    • Dinosaur Skeleton – 55
  • Art Trader
    • The Holmes Family – 15
    • Map of London – 30
    • Violet’s Portrait – 25
    • Sketch of a Boy – 20
    • Cordona Landscape – 30
  • Garden Decorations Trader
    • Swing Chair – 15
    • Wooden Bench – 10
    • David and Goliath – 20
  • Oriental Furniture Trader
    • Anatolian Rug – 20
    • Dressing Screen – 25
    • Venetian Chandelier – 25
    • Pirate’s Pistol – 25
    • Mayan Ritual Dagger – 40

Daredevil (missable)
Fight in all of the bandit lairs.

Discover Bandit Lairs as you walk around the city.

Fight in all five Bandit Lairs.

  • Miner’s End – Miner’s Rd.
  • Silverton – Short Ln.
  • Scaladio – Reed St. West of Trinity Way.
  • Grand Saray – NNW of Cordona Abbey, a rough track heading east off Turquoise Ln.
  • Old City – set back east of Bazaar Rd, opposite Barbaros St. footpath ‘staircase’ entrance.

Citizen’s Arrest (missable)
Arrest ten enemies.

Street Sweeper (missable)
Arrest twenty-five enemies.

Not Up To Snuff (missable)
Disorient ten enemies with the snuffbox.

These three achievements are unlocked whilst fighting in the Bandit Lairs, the first two are self-explanatory. The third is unlocked by using a snuffbox weapon available during fight scenes, the snuffbox mechanic must recharge and so is not always available.

Some obstacles block the effectiveness of the snuffbox weapon so pay attention to each enemy or scenario.

Any arrests or successful use of the snuffbox during a fight scene are credited at the end of that scene, dying and/or restarting the fight scene dismisses any prior actions.

Note: Bandit Lairs can be visited as many times as you wish.

Finger Slipped (missable)
Kill five enemies.

Blood On Your Hands (missable)
Kill fifteen enemies.

Like ‘Arrest Enemies’ these two achievements are unlocked during Bandit Liar fight scenes.

Again, kills are only credited at the conclusion of that scene, dying and/or restarting the fight scene dismisses any prior kills.

Note: Bandit Lairs can be visited as many times as you wish.

Becoming Sherlock Holmes (missable)
Get every achievement.

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