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She’s on Fire! Achievement Guide – Slime Rancher

This guide will be covering the steps and strategy on how you can easily get the Slime Rancher achievement called She’s on Fire.

According to the She’s on Fire! achievement description, players need to score 50 points in a single game of slimeball. For players who are having a hard time getting this achievement, make sure to continue reading below as we will be giving you the methods on how you can get it.

Slime Rancher – She’s on Fire! Guide

The first question that should be answered here is well, where do you even get the Slimeball Hoop? And you’re in luck! Because it doesnt involve any poop-splosions in your pants from risky jet pack jumps to treasure pods in the middle of the ocean, instead, its actually available as soon as you unlock the slime science lab for only 7,500 Newbucks!

However there is a minor setback though, and that’s the crafting recipe itself which is a little expensive, i recommend making a bunch of apiaries and throwing them in The Moss Blanket and praying for some Royal Jelly, and getting some hunter slime while you’re there

The recipe requires:

  • x65 Tabby Plorts
  • x25 Hunter Plorts
  • x25 Jellystone
  • x12 Spiral Steam
  • x2 Royal Jelly

How the Game Even Works

The mini game starts once the first slime goes through the hoop, after which the hoop begins a 60 second timer and slowly rises up and down and rotates, the goal is (especially for the achievement) to get as many slimes in the hoop as you can before time runs out. Only “pure slimes” work for the game however, since Largos and Tarr are too big to fit.

You will also noticed while playing that the slimes don’t seem to count towards the total if they just go straight through the hoop from above, but did if they ricochet off of the backboard into the hoop.

How to Get the Achievement

One thing we highly recommend before doing this is having at least the tank booster III or tank booster ultra upgrades, because that means you can hold at least 50 slimes – in turn making the game itself much easier.

We used the tank booster ultra though, but that was mainly because we both already had it before trying for the achievement, and because we’re really suck ass at aiming with the vacpack.

Another pair of upgrades we recommend to really cheese it like an uncleaned foreskin is the Air Drive/Jetpack and any of the energy upgrades.

We used these both in combination to prop ourselves up on some weird geometry in the Dry Reef so that it was a bit easier to land in the hoop because again, we’re not too good at aiming.

Speaking of the Dry Reef! Since it gets pretty messy due to all the slimes, we personally recommend doing this in somewhere other than the ranch so its easier to clean up, and by clean up, we mean you can just leave the slimes there without consequence.

Another plus to doing this out elsewhere on the Far Far Range is that you can more easily prop yourself up on like, walls and rocks such if you need to so its a bit easier to play as well which is what we did, the smaller coral columns on the reef make for surprisingly good “Slimeball Advantage Points” as we’ll call them- be careful though because its easy to fall off of them, there’s not really a consequence (other than lost time) its just kind-of annoying.

We highly recommend playing the mini game inland and away from cliffs and the slime sea, due to the hoop moving while you play its easy to get a little too ambitious and end up 6 feet under (water) if you fall without thinking.

Again, we reccommend the Dry Reef for this as well, since you’d have to try really hard to go flying into the ocean even during normal gameplay there honestly.

And that’s pretty much of it. We would like to thank Juggalogo for this awesome guide.

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