Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition

Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer Goonswarm and publisher Black Tower have released the official Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition, players will be collecting 25 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. 9 out of 25 achievements are secret, which we also listed and revealed below. Check out the full Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition achievements for Xbox One.

Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition Achievements

MurdererKill 10 monsters in battle.5
AvengerKill 100 monsters in battle.35
Serial KillerKill 250 monsters in battle.100
Look Who's Dead AgainGet your entire party killed 5 times. 50
Dream TeamUnlock all the main characters.80
First JourneyComplete Act I.40
Halfway ThereComplete Act II.70
Final StopComplete Act III.100
Looks like someone needs to lose some weight (Secret)Sinlord Gluttony defeated. (Secret)30
Lazy Bastard (Secret)Sinlord Sloth defeated. (Secret)30
Envy is a Vice (Secret)Sinlord Envy defeated. (Secret)30
A Miser Pays Twice (Secret)Sinlord Greed defeated. (Secret)30
No Crazies Allowed (Secret)Sinlord Wrath defeated. (Secret)30
Proud and Dead (Secret)Sinlord Pride defeated. (Secret)30
Wishes Sometimes Come True (Secret)Sinlord Lust defeated. (Secret)30
Last Breath (Secret)Many Faces defeated. (Secret)30
Shards (Secret)Frost Queen defeated. (Secret)30
HandymanUnlock the Blacksmith NPC.25
The Thrill of the HuntUnlock the Monster Hunter NPC.35
BookwormFind all the excerpts of the ancient tomes.25
TraderSell items for 5000 coins.40
Big SpenderBuy items for 7500 coins.40
First StepsComplete Tower of Trials on Easy.30
Halfway ThereComplete Tower of Trials on Medium.30
ApexComplete Tower of Trials on Hard.30