SKYHILL – How to Get the “Vegan” Achievement

List of foods you can eat for completing the Vegan achievement.

Why I made this guide

Wanted to compile a list of foods for this cheevo because it seems like no one has really made a guide yet (in English anyway) and there is some question about it, especially in my mind and other cheevo hunters. So, in alphabetical order, here it is:


  • alcohol (but not co_cktail)
  • any fruits (including overripe)
  • any veggies (ofc lol including overripe ones)
  • chocolate (Not sure about this one. I avoided it in case it had milk in it but others say yes)
  • coffee (no milk)
  • coffee beans
  • cola
  • flour (not bread though)
  • nuts
  • mushrooms (This one is also in question. I avoided it and got cheevo)
  • rice
  • salad
  • sugar
  • water

If you find anything I’ve missed, please tell me in the comments below and I will add it but you must have used in it your completion of the achievement.

Tips & Tricks for Getting Cheevo

  • First, set your difficulty to Easy giving you more items and easier combat (mostly)
  • Assuming you have most perks unlocked if not all, pick either “Bulimia” or “Total Mess” for the passive. Then for active “Hard Times” or maybe “Survival Kit” or “First Aid”. I prefer “Hard Times” since it gives you those 10 extra movements free between cooldowns.
  • I completed it with “Bulimia” for half of the food used each step and then “Hard Times”. It was relatively easy and I skipped going in side rooms esp late in the game unless I needed food or healing.
  • Also, I recommend when you get “forbidden” food (meat, fish, milk, etc.) immediately trash it so you don’t accidentally eat it.

That’s it. Simple and effective. I hope it helps.

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