Slime Rancher 2 Hydro Turret

Slime Rancher 2 Hydro Turret | How to Unlock and Craft


  • Unlock Hydro Turrent by acquiring the Fabrication blueprint that can be found in a Treasure Pod in the Conservatory.
  • Craft Hydro Turret after acquiring all the needed resources.

The Hydro Turret is back in Slime Rancher 2. This utility device is an automated defense system against Slimes such as the Tarr Slimes. In Slime Rancher 2, the Hydro Turret can target and shoot any Tarr Slimes within its range. If you’re having some trouble with Tarr Slimes, then your best option to repel them is a Hydro Turret.

But how can you have your own Hydro Turret in Slime Rancher 2? Read on as we give you all the details needed to craft a Hydro Turret.

How to Unlock the Hydro Turret

Before crafting this utility device, players need to have the Fabricator blueprint. The Fabricator blueprint can be found in a Treasure Pod, which is usually found in The Conservatory. Opening the Treasure Pod does not require any keys, so players can easily open it without any issues.

How to Craft a Hydro Turret

After acquiring the Fabricator blueprint, players need to collect several items and spend some Newbucks to craft the Hydro Turret. Here are the requirements of the Hydro Turret, as well as the location where to find these resources:

  • x250 Newbucks – Get a total of 250 Newbucks by selling Plorts. You can sell them at the marketplace in The Conservatory.
  • x5 Puddle Plort – You need to find some Puddle Slimes to get the Puddle Plorts. Puddle Slimes usually appear in the Starlight Strand and Ember Valley. Go near the water as Puddle Slimes’ biome needs to be watery or have enough moisture.
  • x10 Boom Plort – Go to the Ember Valley near the volcanic area. Boom Slimes are spawning in these areas. Note that these Slimes are different from other Slimes as they sometimes explode when you’re catching them.
  • x5 Deep Brine – Deep Brine usually appears near the fountains in the Rainbow Fields. Players need to have a Resource Harvester Upgrade to collect the Deep Brine.

Collecting all the materials needed will allow players to craft the Hydro Turret.