Lost Ark

Smilegate and Amazon Offer Gifts to Lost Ark Players

TL;DR: The jump-start servers in Lost Ark are doing great, and they might connect to the other servers three months earlier than expected, with players receiving two gifts as a thank-you from Amazon and Smilegate.

Lost Ark’s jump-start servers are doing great. The developers say lots of new and old players are playing the game again. They’re learning how to do raids and catch up with others on the old servers. And guess what? The jump-start servers might join the other servers faster than we thought. They said it would take six months, but now it might only be three.

Because things are going so well, Amazon and Smilegate want to give players some gifts to say thanks. There are two gifts you can get in your Product inventory. The first one, Gratitude Gift 1, has five chests, a pet, and other stuff. Gratitude Gift II, the Silvery Honor Pack, has 30 Ancient Platinum Coins and six Honor Shard Pouch Chests. You can find a full list of items and more info on how the jump-start servers will connect to the old ones on the Lost Ark Steam Page.