Sniper Elite 5 Save Game Location

Sniper Elite 5, the newest action and shooting video game from developer and publisher Rebellion, has been one of the most-played action and shooting video games on Steam since its release. Well, who doesn’t want to take this sniping job, right? With the outstanding features that the game is currently offering, many players have already started their adventure in Sniper Elite 5.

While some are enjoying the fun and action in the game, it seems that some players are experiencing some issues with their saved game. According to some reports, their save data has been corrupted, and they can no longer retrieve the progress. We don’t want that to happen to you. This page will show you the steps on where to find your very own Sniper Elite 5 save game, as well as the details on how to manually backup the file.

Sniper Elite 5 Save Game Location

First things first! Let’s go to the save data location of Sniper Elite 5. By default, you can find your save game data from this directory:

%LocalAppData%\Sniper Elite 5\PC_ProfileSaves\

Open the Run Command tool on your PC by clicking the Windows key + R at the same time. Copy and paste the directory above and hit the Enter key. A new window will open showing all of your save game files.

To back-up your Sniper Elite 5 progress, simply copy and paste all the files inside the PC_ProfileSaves folder. You can also copy the PC_ProfileSaves folder itself and save it somewhere else. If you have finished an important mission in the game, you can simply go back to the save game directory and copy the folder again.

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