Solace Inc. Achievements Walkthrough Guide

Guide for Solace Inc. Achievements. Achievements currently sorted by Steam% and may be updated in future.

Wait, ENEMIES Can Parry???

Get hit by a projectile parried by an enemy

Acquired naturally through normal gameplay.

Wait, You Can Parry??

Hit an enemy with a parried projectile

Similarly to the other parry cheevo, it should come naturally. If not, using a character like Claudia will be able to net you it as her whole thing is parrying projectiles.

Chrono Dorks

Complete Week 1

Finish Missions 1-4


Find Lil Dude

Finding Lil Dude seems to be random, although I unlocked the achievement on either Mission 1 or Mission 4 of Week 1. Will appear exactly like the cheevo image, but with red circles drawn around him.

War Crimes

Kill 2000+ enemies in one mission

Can be done naturally by choosing not to exit the level after completing the quota. My run for this achievement took me about 20 minutes, so you’ll probably get the level playtime achievement at the same time as this. You can also speed up the process by either recruiting Patient Zero or using him as leader. Upgrading his second ability increases the spawn rate of enemies.

Brand New Style

Unlock 10 alternate skins

Should be acquired naturally through normal gameplay. You get characters in two different ways, through normal gameplay, and through spending in-game currency on crates. 31 of the 144 playable characters in this game have an Alternate Skin (with alternate abilities).

Melon Mayhem

Complete Week 3

Finish Missions 9-13

Your Only Solace Is Incorporated

During a mission, parry 5 attacks that should’ve killed you

You could potentially get this naturally, but I recommend using Claudia to guarantee it.

Wrecking Crew

Complete Week 4

Finish Missions 14-17

…Can We Leave Now?

Play a mission for 20 minutes.

Can be done by choosing not to exit the level after completing the quota. As mentioned previously, you should get this when you go for the achievement “War Crimes” or vice versa.


Upgrade both a recruit’s passive and active up to Lv. 10

I recommend doing this one at the same time as “Girlboss”, since you’ll only be leveling the one character.

Everyone is Here!

Unlock 30 Cameo Recruits

You can only get Cameo Recruits one way, through spending in-game currency on the Cameo Crates. As you need to get most of the recruits to complete the games achievements, you’ll frequently be continuing a run past hitting the quota.

Shock Dodge

Get 1st place on Mission 14

Mission 14 is the dev’s take on Mario Kart. Enemies are still capable of attacking, so just focus on staying on the course and getting to the end.


Complete a mission without recruiting anyone

Shouldn’t be a problem to get, just make sure to choose a Leader that attacks as opposed to a support character. If you evenly distribute the levels between your two skills, you’ll also be unlocking “Favoritism” in the same run.

Genre Jumper

Complete Week 5

Finish Missions 18-21. At time of writing, there’s a bug on Mission 19 where even if you hit the quota, you won’t be able to press TAB to exit the mission. Despite that, it seems like the Dev accounted for that as you can pay in-game currency to skip over a mission. Only time I did that.


Unlock 100 Recruits

You get characters in two different ways, through normal gameplay, and through spending in-game currency on crates. Cameo recruits do count towards this total. Likely one of the last achievements you’ll be unlocking. To alleviate some of the grind, avoid leaving as soon as you hit the quota. Depending on the recruits/leaders you choose, this game is very idleable.

Please Leave Us Alone

Defeat Brick Wizard & Tomato Mage on 3 different missions in one play session

Brick Wizard & Tomato Mage are boss characters that randomly pop up while you’re on missions. Depending on how long you play a game in one sitting, you may get this one naturally. Closing the game, of course, resets the counter. Could be annoying, so replay the shorter missions to save yourself the stress.

Worth It

Die from getting crushed by the Magma Giantess

The Magma Giantess is the boss enemy for Mission 17. You may have difficulty getting this if you’ve already maxed out health/regen upgrades. Her crush attack doesn’t seem too predictable, so you may have to prolong the boss fight. When going for this, I chose to Solo the mission with a Leader that doesn’t have any attacks. The goal is to die, not beat the mission. Not confirmed, but setting it to Violent instead of Standard might increase Enemy Damage.

Cheating Death

Defeat the Grim Reaper

This is likely to be one of the last achievements you’ll get playing this game. The only way I’ve been able to defeat the Grim Reaper is by setting my Leader to be Wibby, the character in the picture for “War Crimes” and focus on upgrading both of his skills. That may be the focus of your leveling, but do make sure to still get Recruits. They’ll take care of the normal mobs so you can focus on the Grim Reaper. Recruits don’t normally die when their HP hits zero, but if the Grim Reaper gets to them, they’re gone for the run.

Who Stopped Pushing The Cart? I Want Names!!

Don’t stop pushing the bomb cart after you start on Mission 8

All you need to make sure is that the Leader (your player character) stays within the boundaries of the cart. Not stopping for mobs, this mission takes about 3 minutes maximum.

My Mom Says I Have To Eat Now

Abort a mission after completing the quota

After you meet the quota instead of pressing TAB, pause the game and abort.


Ride the Elder Hyperworm

Elder Hyperworm is the boss on Mission 12. You’ll have to aim for the head, and it may take various attempts as it is quite finicky. As it’s HP goes down, its body will get shorter and shorter. May be best to attempt when it’s health is extremely low as it will be just a head.

Nice Shot!

Score a hole in one on Mission 21

Mission 21 is based around playing Golf. It’s an interesting experience to say the least. You can’t cancel a shot once you’ve pressed SHIFT, so you may want to underpower it. Don’t restart every time you fail, just finish the current hole and move on to the next one.

Holiday Craze

Complete Week 6

Finish Missions 22-25.

The More The Merrier

Play Solace Inc. while one of your Steam friends is also playing it

Self-explanatory. If we run in the same circles or are already Steam friends, shoot me a message and I’ll help. If this is our first interaction, I’m not adding you just for this. Sorry, not sorry.

Lethal Inc.

Kill a Snatcher

A Snatcher is an invisible enemy that shows up in Mission 10. As you won’t know where it is, you’ll have to use Recruits that either have an AOE ability or spreads damaging status effects to mobs.

Happy St. Hallowtinesmas!

Complete a Week 6 mission on its respective holiday

As the description and name of the achievement implies, Week 6 is themed around holidays. You can either change the date on your computer or wait till one of those holidays come around. I opted for the former.

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Knocked Down Again, You’re Never Gonna Stop Me From Getting Knocked Down Again

Revive 3 times within 10 seconds

Just like the Magma Giantess achievement, you may have difficulty getting this if you’ve already maxed out health/regen upgrades. I was able to get it doing a Solo Leader run as Patient Zero and going all in on his second ability, as it increases the spawnrate of enemies. Train them around like you’re playing COD Zombies and once you’ve got a proper horde run into them and get ready to spam your revives. I picked Mission 1 as the enemies are melee only.

Lunatic Loophole

Complete a mission as Trope Travis without dealing any damage

This one will require another Solo run as Recruits damaging a mob counts as you damaging something. His first ability allows mobs to be prone to friendly fire which is what makes the run possible. The only thing you need to do is not die, and try to limit any jumping. Most of the time it won’t do anything to mobs, but if you land on them a certain way it does inflict damage.

The Storm That Is Approaching

Complete a mission on Violent with 500+ kills, no damage taken, no recruits, and no Grim Reaper

To keep things as simple as possible, I chose to do this on Mission 1. As previously mentioned, the enemies on this mission are melee only so all you need to worry about it is killing mobs faster than they can get to you. I went with Gunhead as both of his abilities are great when upgraded. Violent mode darkens the stage to limit your sight and while it doesn’t seem to increase the amount of enemies you face, it does appear to cut the amount of time between waves.

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