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‘Solo Leveling’ Chapter 101 Spoilers, Raw Scans, and Release Date

The Ant King has completely annihilated the Ma Dong-Wook and her team following the death of Ant Queen. The release of the previous chapter showcases how powerful the Ant King’s power and how it managed to defeat Japan’s strongest S-Ranked Hunter, Goto Ryuji.

The surviving team in the dungeon is still struggling after the swarm of ants arrived but unexpectedly, an armored warrior appears in front of them and helped them deal with the ants. Who is this armored warrior and will he be able to stop the ants? Let’s find out once the Solo Leveling Chapter 101 releases.

When is Solo Leveling Chapter 101 release date?

Solo Leveling

Similar to the other manga, Solo Leveling manga is releasing a new chapter every week, that’s every Thursday to be exact. If everything goes well and no unexpected last-minute rescheduling, expect to read Solo Leveling Chapter 101 on January 9th.

The manga version of the novel is being scanlated by different groups, but if you want to read the exact English scans of Solo Leveling manga, we highly recommend reading if from the official sources.

What to expect in Solo Leveling Chapter 101?

Solo Leveling

Note: The following contents contain spoilers for the upcoming chapter based on the novel. Continue reading at your own risk.

The upcoming chapter will feature the story of the Ant Queen and how she managed to make a powerful warrior. The Queen finds herself on an island along with her soldiers. As time pass by, the source of their food is getting low and it can no longer sustain the needs of the citizens.

The Queen was thinking to move to another place but remembered that strong humans have tried to invade them. They managed to repel the invaders but in return, they suffer great loss. Instead of leaving the island, the Queen thinks of a better plan – make a stronger solider.

They gathered enough magic power and the Queen gave birth to a new life which is said to be the strongest that can deal with the humans. The new monster has a skill of Gluttony that allows him to absorb his enemy’s power after consuming them. The new warrior surpassed the Queen’s power.

The time has come when humanity tried to reclaim the island and the powerful monster easily defeated them. The Queen ordered her soldiers along with the strongest warrior to cease the castle. They have successfully killed the king but when it returned, the Queen was dead.

The strongest ant warrior was enraged and killed all the human soldiers around him. Just before he took another life, the dying soldier asked him what he was. With him killing the king from the castle, so he’s worth it to be called the King.

The Ant King then grabbed another solider but his attention was caught by a strong aura coming from where the Queen used to live. He detected that this aura is different from the others and immediately went to the ant castle.

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