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‘Solo Leveling’ Chapter 106 Release Date and Spoilers: Shadow Ant King Revived

The Solo Leveling webtoon just received its hundred-and-fifth chapter, and along with its release, Sung Jin-Woo fans are excited to see his new shadow in action in Solo Leveling Chapter 106.

The previous chapter gave readers heartwarming events after Jin-Woo released Min Byung-Gyu from being his shadow soldier. The hunters went out of the lair while carrying Cha Hae-In who have been healed by Byung-Gyu. Instead of going back to safety, Sung Jin-Woo decides to stay to clear out the remaining threats. Meanwhile, it seems that the Director of the Federal Bureau of Hunters sees his interest in Jin-Woo.

When is the Solo Leveling Chapter 106 release date?

Chapter 106 is the hundred-and-sixth overall chapter of the Solo Leveling manhwa. The Solo Leveling webtoon has been regularly releasing a brand new chapter every week. As for the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 106, readers should expect reading the chapter on February 19th.

Where to read Solo Leveling Chapter 106?

If you’re fond of reading books, you have the option to buy the Solo Leveling novel from retail stores or online. However, if you have been following the manwha version, we highly recommend reading it from the official website. You can check the English translated version of the chapter on the Solo Leveling website once it releases.

What to expect in Solo Leveling Chapter 106?

During the battle against the Ant King, Jin-Woo showcased his ability with the hunters inside the dungeon while being broadcasted in the network. Jin-Woo’s power is exceptional which caught the attention of David Brennon.

Back to Jeju Island, Jin-Woo continues his work by clearing the remaining ants that may cause threat. At the same time, he went back to the den and decides to revive the shadow of Ant King. Shadow Ant King has been revived and bowed in front of the hunter.

In Chapter 106, we’ll be seeing Jin-Woo giving a name to his new shadow soldier who swore its loyalty to him. Jin-Woo and his newly named shadow Ant soldier had a conversation about extracting the shadow from the Ant Queen. Instead of reviving the shadow of the Ant Queen, he just left it there and vanished. Meanwhile, the helicopter bringing Cha Hae-In arrives at the station and was greeted by Go Gun-Hee who is surprised seeing her fully healed. Jin-Woo left the Jeju Island which also marks the end of the arc.

About Solo Leveling

The Solo Leveling manga follows the life of Sung Jin-Woo, a hunter. A portal appeared, connecting our world to a world teeming with monsters and creatures of all kinds. Hunters are people who have acquired powers and the ability to hunt them. Sung Jin-Woo is the weakest of the hunters, barely stronger than a normal human, and is dubbed “the weakest” by his fellow hunters. He and other hunters are trapped in an extremely dangerous dungeon one day, and only a few of them survive and manage to escape. Sung Jin-Woo himself barely survives and is the only one who completes all of the dungeon’s tests. He is then transformed into a “player,” with access to an interface that displays missions for him. Will he, after all, be able to become the most powerful hunter?

Solo Leveling is Korean novel written by Chugong. D&C Media serialized the production of the Manwha version of the series in 2018 with the help of Jang Sung-rak as the illustrator.

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