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Solo Leveling Chapter 109 Spoilers, Release Date: Norma Selner Enters the Scene

The previous chapter of the fantasy-action webtoon Solo Leveling is now live. Following the events in Chapter 108, fans are thrilled to read Solo Leveling Chapter 109.

The Jeju Island arc has finally come to an end and the citizens of Korea are commiserative for the lost souls during the raid. Jin-Woo received a lot of attention from the crowd, which is not surprising knowing that he’s the one who put an end to the battle.

Meanwhile, the protagonist was approached by Agent Adam White from the United State’s Bureau of Hunters. He was invited to meet the director with a promise of certain information while being teased by the skill Upgrader. They reached the office where he meets the deputy director Michael Connor.

Without any hesitation, Jin-Woo directly asked what is the information they are talking about. The director responded by asking his staff to let Lady Selner enter the room. What information are they talking about? Let’s find out once the chapter 109th of Solo Leveling releases.

When is the Solo Leveling Chapter 109 release date?

The release of Chapter 108th of the Manwha means we are now heading to the next chapter. The Solo Leveling webtoon has been regularly releasing a new chapter every week. For fans who want to know who is Lady Selner from the previous chapter, you will be getting the answer on March 11, 2020.

Where to read Solo Leveling 109 online?

Solo Leveling Manhwa is based on the Korean novel written by Chu-Gong and has been serialized for a webtoon version drawn by artists Hyeon Gun and Jang Sung-Rak. You can read all the chapters from the official website at KakaoPage which is using the Korean language.

Given the fact that the webtoon is using Hangul, lost of foreign fans can’t read and understand the content of the chapters. Fortunately, we have some good-hearted fans out there translating the chapter in English. You can read Solo Leveling 109 in English from third-party websites such as Jaimini’s Box.

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