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Solo Leveling Chapter 116 Spoilers, Release Date: Jin-Woo’s Guild

Solo Leveling Chapter 116 is fast approaching. Following the events in the previous chapter, it seems that fans will be learning more details about the dark power that our main character posses.

In Chapter 115, we have seen the interest of United States Hunter Bureau for Sung Jin-Woo. Lady Selner explained his observation on the hunter’s power and according to her, Jin-Woo does not possess borrowed power while telling that his power comes from himself. She also suggests that Jin-Woo’s power is limitless, making him worthy of being called the King.

In Solo Leveling novel, King refers to the one who possessed an overwhelming power but it still has some limits, which Jin-Woo breaks. Now, the question remains as the last chapter sees Cha Hae-In remembering what Min Byung-Gyu told her before she losses her consciousness during the raid at Jeju Island. What could be the next adventure for Sung Jin-Woo and his soon to be formed guild? Let’s find out once the new chapter releases.

Solo Leveling Chapter 116 Spoilers

According to some reports, the upcoming Chapter 116 of the second season of Solo Leveling will be featuring Jin-Woo dealing with the Americans trying to recruit him. Instead of following the policy, Adam and David seem to be planning to trap Jin-Woo.

As they set the plan, Sung Jin-Woo will try to extract the shadow from the defeated Kamish. In the previous chapter, it has been confirmed that the US Hunter Bureau has found a rune from the monster.

While these are still unconfirmed leaks, we are also expecting to see Jin-Woo formally forming his guild and entering a new gate.

Solo Leveling Chapter 116 Release Date

Just like the previous season, Solo Leveling manhwa has been getting a new chapter every week. That being said, make sure to mark your calendar for the release of Solo Leveling Chapter 116 on August 26, 2020. You can read the original creation on Kakao Page.

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