Solo Leveling K-Drama Adaptation Announced

TL;DR: Solo Leveling is an incredibly popular Manhwa series that has gained worldwide acclaim since 2016, and it’s now expanding into various adaptations, including an anime, a game, and a K-drama, all set to release in 2024.

Solo Leveling, a very famous Manhwa series, has gathered a huge fan following, and fans are eagerly awaiting its RPG and anime adaptations. Excitingly, there’s news that Solo Leveling will also be made into a K-drama series.

The journey of Solo Leveling began in 2016 as an online story and later transformed into a webcomic. The first part of the webcomic was released in 2018 and concluded in 2020. Following that, the second season came out in 2020 and ended in 2022.

Even after the Manhwa series concluded, fans’ excitement for Solo Leveling remained strong. Notably, in 2022, the announcement of a game based on the beloved series created quite a buzz. Fans were thrilled to learn that an anime adaptation of the game is set to be released in January 2024.

But there’s even more to look forward to. In a recent interview, the CEO of Webtoon Wiz shared some exciting news for Solo Leveling enthusiasts: a K-drama adaptation of the series is currently in progress.

Solo Leveling K-Drama Adaptation Announced

Solo Leveling is super popular all around the world, and there’s no doubt about that. Since 2016, it has gained a ton of fans and become extremely famous, making it one of the most successful Manhwa series ever.

In an interview with L’internaute, CEO Wangho Lee from D&C Webtoon Biz discussed the early success of martial arts and fantasy genres. When asked about their most popular fantasy light novel, he mentioned Solo Leveling. He mentioned that they always knew that Solo Leveling had a special potential that not many people usually talk about.

“We knew right from the start that Solo Leveling would be a title that really resonates with its audience,” said Heaeun Kwak, the creative director of Webtoon. She also expressed immense satisfaction and pride in the series’ success. “According to us at D&C, the year 2024 is all about Solo Leveling,” he added.

Lee then mentioned that fans can start reading the Webtoon version of Solo Leveling: Ragnarok in early 2024. He also had some exciting news to share: a Korean drama based on Solo Leveling is in development, so fans should get ready.

With so many Solo Leveling projects in the works, it’s crucial to keep the dates in mind so that we don’t miss out on anything.