Song of Farca: Prologue

Song of Farca: Prologue Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get 100% achievement in Song of Farca: Prologue. If you’re one of the players trying to obtain all Song of Farca: Prologue achievements, this guide is for you.

Before we start, please note that this guide may contain spoilers of the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

Song of Farca Achievement Guide

Pet Detective Pet Detective
A-a-alrighty then
  • Start the story
Zoom! Enhance! Zoom! Enhance!
Who knew you could actually do it?
  • Visit cliffside

  • Analyze the footage (choose the following):

    1. Mechanical dog

    2. Angry guy

    3. Plate with 2 yellow triangles

Objection! Objection!
You can handle the truth
  • Call Maurice

  • Choose track van at the end

  • Visit Farcan Hounds

  • Call Carl

  • Call Simon with the following objections:

    • Dog thief

    • Dog tracker

Sorted Sorted
Maybe it’s a possible new career?
  • Daughter calls you

  • Visit DNT

  • Call Carl

  • Analyze chip

    • Choose chip without the red dot and with 1 port on the edge

Finished Internet Finished Internet
And they said it was impossible.
  • Investigate henning and D

  • Visit the manager’s office

  • Investigate Shatze

Animality Animality
You’ve seen some shit.
  • Call Alexa with the following objections:

    • Dog thief

    • Conclusion > frequency hack (other option doesn’t matter)

    • Conclusion > coerced (other option doesn’t matter)

  • Daughter calls you

  • Visit Basement

Batteries Included Batteries Included
Assembled the full package.
Knighted Knighted
If you save a knight, you become a knight.
  • Call Alexa with the following objections:

    • Dog pit picture

    • Chip

    • Conclusion > D is pleased with Alexa’s work + D is only using the chassis

  • Visit storage

  • Call Simon with the following objections:

    • Thief

    • Conclusion > errand boy + talking sh*t to boss

    • Conclusion > ill + 61 years old

    • Conclusion > pick the 2 mystery meeting options

  • Visit Warehouse

  • Call Carl

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