Songs of Conquest Campaign Mission 4 Walkthrough

Capture seven beacons of power to reestablish the Aurelian Empire!


Mission Four – An Empress’s Hope – is the last installment of the Barony of Loth campaign. Unlike the other campaign scenarios, this map has a different victory condition. You may have encountered fallen Beacons of Power earlier. Here, it will be explained what they are for as you will be introduced to an intact one at the start. What follows is a walkthrough based on how I beat this mission. You may have a different way to victory, and it is also valid!

The next section will be a list of pointers to consider.


– The mission starts with Brother Hillar as the controllable wielder after his and Magnolia Silverlink’s defeat during the Rana campaign’s second mission. Follow the path until you reach the first intact Beacon of Power
– Set Magnolia as your main hero once she becomes available. Move all available troops (including the rats) to her
– There are two Baryan settlements, a small one to the north of the beacon and a bigger one to the northwest (henceforth called the big city). Take the northwest settlement as Magnolia.

Build Up
– Once the big city is taken, your main goal in this phase to completely fill all wielders’ troop slots with upgraded troops and not lose them. This is important in capturing the Beacons of Power later as lost troops are hard to replace.
– Consider these priorities (1) build and upgrade one of the Tier Two buildings and (2) build and upgrade the Summoning Circle for the High Legions. You can have a rat warren to complement Hillar’s specialty.
– Ambertina will show up in the western side of the map. Get all the resources and buffs to the west before engaging the hostile and taking the nearest small settlement. Try not to lose her troops, especially if you decide to build a Laboratory or Mausoleum in the big city.
– You will encounter other wielders. Don’t even bother fighting them, especially the Rana. If your wielder has a full complement of troops (assuming they have around Command 5 or more), they’ll leave you alone. Just focus on keeping your big city intact and opportunistically capture Beacons of Power and watchtowers/farseer’s vessels when no one’s around.
– Take advantage of the Beacons of Power under your control to outmaneuver enemy wielders. Once you master this art, you can afford more risk in exploring the map.

Break Out
– Once Magnolia, Hillar, and Ambertina have their full complement of upgraded troops, it is likely the enemy wielders converge towards the center.
– It’s time to grab the rest of the Beacons of Power
– Have one wielder go towards the Baryan spawn point in the northwest
– Have the second in the north-northeastern part of the map.
– Move the third wielder to the east.
– Capture settlements along the way if they’re undefended to help distract enemy wielders. If you don’t lose too many troops, they shouldn’t engage you.
– Someone may try to take the big city. Let them take it. It’s a small price to pay to rebuild Aurelia’s Empire. Just make sure you have other settlements though!

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