Sons Of The Forest – All Melee Weapons Location Guide

This is a catalog of all the weapons in the game, including statistics, locations, crafting recipes, and other useful information. SPOILER FREE, unless you count the weapons themselves as spoilers. This currently has almost all melee weapons. I am still looking for the compound bow and all the guns.

Tactical Axe

A starter weapon. To find it you need to open your ziplock survival kit.

It does not have a whole lot of reach or damage. It can hack off the enemy’s limbs, causing incapacitation or death. This sweeps when attacking.

Utility Knife

A starter weapon. To find it you need to open your ziplock survival kit.

This has very little reach, with no potential for blocking. However, it has a fast attack rate with low stamina costs. It slices when attacking.

Crafted Spear

This weapon is far-reaching and good for keeping enemies at a distance. It has no area of effect whatsoever, as you stab to attack.

The spear also has ranged capabilities by holding right-click and release to throw. Headshots on most wildlife, starving and tribal cannibals will instantly kill them. You can carry up to five (5) at a time.

Crafted: 2x Stick, 1x Duct Tape, 1x Utility Knife


The torch has low reach, slow swing speed, and low damage. It can be lit on fire by holding ‘L’ with the lighter in hand. Using this mechanic can light enemies on fire, allowing for extra damage. This sweeps when attacking.

Crafted: 1x Stick, 1x Cloth

Crafted Club

The club has a slow swing speed and moderate damage, with it being most effective at blocking. It has a good amount of reach too, with a wide sweep when attacking.

Crafted: 1x Stick, 1x Rope, 1x Cloth


It has low reach, but a very fast attack speed. Perfect to continuously stun enemies. It slices to attack.

Found at the Northern beach by some deflated life rafts.

Modern Axe

Slow swing speed, but very high damage and blocking capabilities with a good reach. It has a good chance of taking off limbs and heads, which will instantly take an enemy out of the fight. Just like the Tactical Axe this sweeps when attacking.

Found at an abandoned camp just North East of the mountain.

Firefighter Axe

Very slow attack speed, but it has the highest damage and block of all other axes in the game with a very good reach. This also takes off limbs with ease, and sweeps when attacking.

The shovel is required to retrieve this weapon, as it requires digging at a specific location to the North East of the mountain. The site has scattered tripod lighting equipment and some golf carts.


Relatively fast speed, but low damage and no blocking. This has a stabbing attack with a long reach. This is pretty ineffective as a weapon and is essentially a worse version of the Crafted Spear.

To acquire the shovel, you will need the zip-line gun, the rebreather, and an air tank. There is a cave entrance East of the mountain, where three bodies will be impaled on sticks just outside. The shovel is at the end of this cave.


Fast at swinging, with low damage and blocking. Again this one is not very effective since you start with better weapons. You can carry up to twenty (20) at a time.

To acquire you need to find a stick on the ground, cut stick bushes/shrubs, or cut down a thin tree.


Fast swing speed, slightly higher damage than the stick, with no blocking ability. Still not very effective. You can carry up to ten (10) at a time.

Similar to the stick you find rocks on the ground. Unlike sticks, they do not grow from trees or shrubs.

Repair Tool

No damage or block, slow to use. This is technically not even a weapon, so I do not recommend trying to use it as such.

Crafted: 1x Stick, 1x Rock, 1x Rope

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