Soulstice Controls for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X and S


This page covers the complete list of Soulstice controls for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and Series X. Soulstice is an exploration hack-and-slash video game developed by Reply Game Studios.

Soulstice Controls

To start off this guide, here are the default Soulstice key bindings for the Windows PC version. If you’re playing the game on PS5 or Xbox console, you skip this section and scroll down below for the gamepad controls.

Move UpW
Move DownS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
Primary AttackLeft Mouse Button
Secondary AttackRight Mouse Button
Lute’s ActionF
DodgeLeft Shift
Use Item4
Weapon Left1
Weapon Right3
Weapon Up2
Banishment FieldE
Evocation FieldQ
Camera UpUp Arrow
Camera DownDown Arrow
Camera RightRight Arrow
Camera LeftLeft Arrow
Manual LockLeft Alt
Change Locked-On TargetLeft Ctrl
InventoryMiddle Mouse Button
Soulstice Controls

Apart from the mouse and keyboard support, the developer of the game has also confirmed that Soulstice has full controller support on PC. If you’re planning to use a gamepad controller on a PC, you can refer to the Xbox controls below.

Soulstice Xbox Series X and S Controls

Moving forward, here is the Soulstice PS5 controls.

PauseOptions Button
Evocation FieldL2
Banishment FieldR2
MovementLeft Analog Stick
Weapon UpD-Pad Up
Weapon LeftD-Pad Left
Weapon RightD-Pad Right
Use ItemD-Pad Down
Primary AttackTriangle
Secondary AttackSquare
Lute’s ActionCircle
Jump / InteractX
Rotate CameraRight Analog Stick
Soulstice Controls for PS5

This concludes our Soulstice controls guide. Good luck!