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Soulstone Survivors – Camor’s Ritual Guide for Ritual of Love Event

Guide on how to complete Camor’s Ritual and get the 3 hidden achievements and Seasonal skills. Includes spoiler-free hints!

Spoiler-free Hints

Feel free to think about what you’re supposed to do
Q: Question, H: Hint, A: Answer

Q. What map do I go to?
H. The new update has a map specifically reworked for this
A. The Third Map, The Whispering Grove

Q. What do I do on the map?
H. Walk around the map
A. You should find a few altars, but only one has something in front of it

Q. Something spawned! But it’s untouchable!?
H. Wait for something else to spawn
A. Pylons will spawn randomly on the map

Q. Ok but they’re also untouchable?
H. Something might be able to hit them
A. Only the angel’s shots can destroy the pylons

Q. What now?
H. More pylons will spawn randomly
A. Destroy 8 to finish the event

Map: The Whispering Grove

Enter The Whispering Grove (Map 3, Forest map, Trees map, etc) at any Curse Intensity (or if you want to do this once, just Intensity 34+, see Medium and Hard)

To unlock this map, defeat 3 Bosses from the previous map, 2 from the previous previous…

The Heart of the Woods

After you spawn in, walk your way toward the bottom left corner of the map

You should see a pink heart-shaped crystal lying on a sigil on the ground in front of an altar

Destroy it to start the event

Once started, in which there will be a sound cue of a bell chiming, you are locked into the event for the rest of the run

You have only two minutes (2:00)of run time to start the event or the heart will shatter, locking the event for the rest of the run.

Camor, the Lovable Archer

When the event starts, an invulnerable boss Camor will spawn

Your goal in the event is to, well… kill him, which may seem impossible but he has one major weakness

However the weakness does not spawn until like 2 minutes into the event…

The Pylons of Camor

Approximately two minutes into the event, the bell will chime again and a strange also invulnerable pylon with a heart-shaped crystal will spawn somewhere on the map

They would then spawn periodically for the rest of the event

(It seems like them spawning requires a certain number of waves of Lords killed but I cannot confirm)

You will have to walk around to find it, as there is no UI leading to it

The only way to destroy the pylons is by Camor shooting it once

You can achieve this by making him aim his shot at you, by standing anywhere in his skillshot range when you’re close enough

Note that his projectile

does notpass through obstacles, so positioning well is very important

Once destroyed, the bell will chime

but this does not mean a new pylon has spawned

Closer to the end of the event, the bells will chime at a higher pitch and signifying you almost finishing it

After destroying a total of 8 Camor’s Pylons, Camor will instantly die and you will hopefully receive one or up to three achievements!

You can safely exit the game from the pause menu from hereon as the event does not require you to finish the run

Medium and Hard

Same as the previous event, there are 2 other secret skills and achievements, in which you would need to do the same thing but with Curse Intensities 18+ and 34+ respectively

Doing 34+ first will give you all 3 achievements at once, and doing 18+ first will give you the bottom 2

Any Curses work as long as you hit the threshold

My Build

Since this event does not really require killing anything with your own skills (except for the first heart), I opted for a tanky-ish sustain build

Other skills I’d say are good are Arcane Shield / Shield Wall and other healing skills

Runes because I’m a ding dong and forgot the achievement popup covers it:

Recklessness, Generalist, Critical Mastery, Surefooted, and Weapon Expert

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