Source of Madness Achievements Walkthrough Guide

In this guide I’ll briefly describe every achievement the game has with a small guide on how to get them.

Story related achievements

For all this achievements the only thing you need to do is play the game normally, they are unmissable achievements, as long as you beat each of the three acts the game has you will get all this achievements.

Things have… changed
First time exiting the Tower of Knowledge.

You just have to start a run and leave the main “lobby”.

Complete Act 1
Complete Act 1.

The name says it all

Complete Act 2
Complete Act 2.

Same here

Complete Act 3
Complete Act 3.

And also here

Enter a side area for the first time.

This one is quite straight forward as you just have to find one of the many secret rooms the levels have.

Watcha buying?
Enter a Magic Shop for the first time.

As the name implies enter the magic shops where you can buy and sell rings and other items.

Watch out for the blood
Reach the Blood Worm for the first time.

Beat the first mini-boss in act 1, the Blood Worm.

In the presence of madness
Reach the Tower of Madness for the first time.

You will get it as you go through act 1.

Frozen to the core
Reach the Plateau of Leng for the first time.

Same as the previous one but when you are going through act 2.

Is this insanity?

Same deal as the previous but in act 3.

Achievements related to upgrades

The brief summary of this achievements is that you need to unlock every class and upgrade there is in the room you appear whenever you start a run. There are two “currencies” you have the red orbs which are dropped by every single enemy in the game. And the Evenstars, which are dropped by the enemies that have their life bars coloured blue, this enemies are kind of like mini mini bosses.

A good investment
Use Evenstar to upgrade the Altar.

Just unlock one of the many upgrades that cost Evenstars. I recommend to get this ones early on, specially the ones that give you more red orbs and similar stuff.

Jack of all trades
Unlock all classes.

You will get this as you play the game, in some areas of the game there are some monolith things that when you interact with them it lets you unlock one of the many classes.

Unlimited power!
Unlock all upgrades.

Just unlock everything from the huge tree of upgrades.

The actual source of madness achievements

Well this section is by far the most annoying of them all. The actual source of madness, defeat the monsters achievements.

Going on an adventure
Defeat 10 Monsters.

Piece of cake just 10 monsters

Defeat 100 Monsters.

Easy still just 100 monsters

Defeat 500 Monsters.

Ok still doable 500 monsters

Defeat 5000 Monsters.

The grind starts 5000 monsters

Defeat 10000 Monsters.

The true source of madness, killing 10 thousand monsters. If you want to do this without having to do 100000 runs you can take advantage of the infinite spawners that are mostly in the Forest of Lies level. But you can also take advantage of the pre-boss in Act 1. Tho I recommend you take breaks if you don’t want to lose your sanity.

Let them burn!
Burn 150 Monsters.

Just use a ring wave of flames during a whole run and it will pop up.

Other Achievements

In this section you will find the remaining achievements.

I am sick of you!
Get poisoned 150 times.

This one is rather simple. In the Forest of Lies you can find ponds of poison in which you can just jump in jump out, repeat the process till you have the achievement. Remember to heal from time to time.

Big spender!
Buy 100 items.

If you are grinding for the killing achievement you will have tons of money, just buy everything in the shop whenever you can and it will pop up soon enough.

Just one more
Open 200 Chests.

Just keep playing runs and it will pop.

In a hurry there mate?
Dash 2000 times.

Same as the previous one, just dash whenever you can, you will use it quite often so its just playing.

Get rich and die trying
Die while having at least 5000 gold.

Just do as the achievement says, in any run where you have more than 5k of money just let an enemy kill you and easy peasy.

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