Space Hulk: Deathwing

Space Hulk: Deathwing Achievement Guide (Normal and Enhanced Edition)

This guide will be covering the steps on how to get the 100% achievements in Space Hulk: Deathwing. In addition, we will also be detailing the difference between the normal and enhanced version of the game.

Space Hulk: Deathwing Achievement Guide

Unmissable Achievement Guide

Bravery! – Finish a chapter in the main campaign without using a Psygate

  • This Achievement should be done on the first level and is straight forward. You use the Psigate for heal and to replenish the Charges of your medic (Nahum). For this Achievement DONT DO IT. That’s all. The first level is pretty easy and should be done easily without extra heal.

Sanctuary – Use the Psygate

  • Exactly the opposite and you will get it most likely in Chapter 2 or 3. Just press “4” to open the Psigate.

You basically can’t miss the following enemy related Achievements since you kill quite a lot of enemies. They are coming in the late game chapters more than once.

Mutant sorcerer hunter – Kill an hybrid psyker

Killer of stalker-strain Genestealers – Kill a stalker-strain Genestealer

Broodlord killer – Kill a Broodlord

Slayer of warrior-strain Genestealers – Kill a warrior-strain Genestealer

Crusher of scythe-strain Genestealers – Kill a scythe-strain Genestealer

Strong Way – Destroy a door aboard the Olethros

Master of Systems – Lock a door aboard the Olethros

  • This two Achievements are also most likely to be done naturally in the game.
    Both hacking doors to keep filthy Xenos from backstabbing you and destroying doors since hacked doors can’t be opened anymore.

For the Chapter! – Kill 666 enemies

  • This should come naturally as well and you will have killed far more enemies then 666 by the end of the campaign.

Missable Achievements

So listen up my friends I am going to tell you a secret about the following 3 achievements. YOU CAN GET THEM IN ONE PLAYTHROUGH! But wait you say: You can get only 36 Points at max in one Playthrough but you need 50+ Points to finish all Branches. How on earth is this possible?

Well yes, but there is a little option to get all Branches done without cheating. RELOADING!

Alright so basically you have to play Chapter 1 till 6 without spending any Skillpoints and collecting all relicts to get every time the 4 Skillpoints. preferably on easy. After you finish Chapter 6 just skill one Branch completely, confirm start next mission and reload the last Checkpoint of Chapter 6. Do it two more times and you have all the 3 precious little Achievements for each branch.

Important Info: I did this first on the normal version of Space Hulk and you will lose your points when you close the game. So you have to play through Chapter 1-6 without closing the game once! I didn’t die in both playthroughs (normal and enhanced) so I don’t know if this removes the skill points too but I strongly suggest not to die as well.

Devotee – Complete the Devotion branch

Commandant – Complete the Command branch

Great Psyker – Complete the Psy branch

You will get these two Achievements when skilling in the Psy branch, so don’t worry about them if you make the above-mentioned trick.

Flame Psyker – Learn Inferno

Destruction Psyker – Learn Vortex of Doom

Collectibles Achievements

Time lord – Find all the major relics in the main campaign

  • To make things short, just check out the amazing Guide of Q3Cloud. The Paths he shows make the Relic runs very efficient and there is nothing I cant add from my side.

Multiplayer Achievements

I will make here a summary of Gamewiz great Guide for solo leveling. Check it out for more information and give it alike.

If you play the enhanced Version: The Level in the Main Menu isn’t the Level for the classes. You are leveling the classes separately from scratch in each new Mission.

So the level of your Classes isn’t permanent. The longer you play a single Mission, the higher your Level gets. Considering that you are not getting a Class to level 7 in a normal MP Mission(except you are moving very, very slowly) and that there is a high chance this game will be dead someday. (The Normal Version is dead already) there is a good way of leveling all your Classes solo.

Champion of the Lions – Unlock all Assault Terminator’s abilities in multiplayer

Killing machine – Unlock all of the Heavy Weapon Support’s abilities in multiplayer

Epistolary – Unlock all of the Librarian’s capacities in multiplayer

Phoenix light – Unlock all of the Apothecary’s abilities in multiplayer

Chapter pillar – Unlock all Tactical Terminator abilities in multiplayer

Step 1: Host a Game with a password (just in case) and deactivate the Codex Rules. Select Chapter 1 and the easiest difficulty. Go to the Spot on the following Picture. It is located between the Spawn area and the Center hall with the nice big Bell. Kill all the Hybrids in the Spawn Area first before moving to the Spot:

Space Hulk: Deathwing

Step 2: Now close and hack all the 4 doors as shown on the Picture and get in position.
Gamewiz has marked the positions for different Classes but basically, you go on Point C for Melee Weapons and somewhere between his Current Position and Point B for every other Class.

Kill all the filthy Xenos and switch to Apothecary if you are getting low on health. Be aware that switching classes/weapons is causing to reset the skill cooldowns and Level Ups vanishes all Cooldowns. You switch Classes and Weapons by pressing the Key “I”. Be aware that the game continues and you cant pause it. Leveling each Class takes between 40-70 minutes on that Spot. Depending on how good you clear the Spawn Area there seems to spawn more enemies but I can’t confirm this a 100%.

For Honour! – Kill 10,000 enemies

  • This Achievement will come naturally when you level the Classes and play through the single player. There is no other way then just play the game. Leveling the Classes alone brings you about 6000 Kills and the Singleplayer will give you 3000-4000 as well. So you won’t have to grind much/ no Kills for this Achievement specifically.

Brother In Arms – Perform 1,111 assists in multiplayer mode or the special missions

  • Now for this achievement, there are two ways to farm it. The kinda long one and the really long one. If you have a friend or someone else to grind this Achievement, then just take the Apothecary with Hellfire and just shoot near the enemies and let your Friend finish them off. This Weapon is great for farming Assists in an MP game. Another good weapon is the Flamethrower. Be aware that in the normal version, you don’t get assists when you don’t host the game! For the enhanced version, it doesn’t matter if you are the host or not. If you don’t have anyone to help you out there is another way, but it is very, very tedious. Take the Tactical and level him to level 4. The Skull Bolters kills count as Assists. There isn’t really a good place I know of to farm the kills with him. You won’t get many Assists in the two minutes of use. (10-20) and after that, you still have a 180-second cooldown. So better find someone to help you out.

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