SpellForce: Conquest of Eo – All Known Alchemy Recipes

Includes a visual guide for all the alchemy recipes found in the game.


A quick visual guide to unlocking all alchemy recipes for the achievement. The recipes are split by each tier and their element. Please keep in mind that element grouping is not done by the element of the result. but by the majority used.

For example, Concentrated Mana Crystals are pure Arcane ingredients, but I have included them under Life recipes because the majority of elements needed to craft them is Life. The purpose of this is to facilitate the reader, by making the crossing out of the recipes straightforward.

The miscellaneous section includes recipes unique recipes, that do not count toward the achievement. I have included the ones I was able to find.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3 Elemental (Orange)

Tier 3 Death (Purple)

Tier 3 Life (Green)

Tier 3 Arcane (Blue)

Tier 3 Hybrid

Tier 4 Elemental (Orange)

Tier 4 Death (Purple)

Tier 4 Life (Green)

Tier 4 Arcane (Blue)

Tier 4 Artifacts

Miscellaneous Recipes

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