SpellMaster: The Saga

SpellMaster: The Saga Controls Guide for PC

This guide will be covering the complete list of SpellMaster: The Saga controls to help every player in the game. SpellMaster: The Saga is a gothic-themed RPG game developed by Spellbook Creations and published by Valkyrie Initiative. Following the initial release in 2021, SpellMaster: The Saga was officially launched on February 17, 2022.

SpellMaster: The Saga Controls

Character MovementW A S D
Battle ModeR
Spellcasting in Combat1-4
Use Items5-8
Target LockTab
Block / ParryRight Mouse Button
RollSpacebar + W A S D
Quick SaveF5
Quick LoadF9
Open In-Game MenuEsc
SpellMaster: The Saga Controls

How to Change the Default Controls

While the SpellMaster: The Saga can be played using a keyboard, mouse, and gamepad controller, it seems that there are no in-game settings where you can change or modify the default key bindings. However, you can take advantage of the configuration file modification to change these default keys.

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