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Stardew Valley – The Pirate’s Wife Guide (Birdie Quest)

This guide will be covering the solutions on how to complete one of Birdie’s quest called The Pirate’s Wife in Stardew Valley. In case you want to see more method for Stardew Valley’s The Pirate’s Wife Quest, feel free to visit this link.

Birdie is an old woman who lives in a hut on Ginger Island, at the far West of the Island. Speaking to her starts “The Pirate’s Wife” quest. Giving her the Pirate’s Locket will end the quest. Birdie cannot be found when it is raining on the Fern Islands. After completing the quest, Birdie can be seen fishing on the beach and can be spoken to but not gifted.


It is necessary to have 10 golden nuts and they are usually obtained on the path that leads us to the volcano so that it will be necessary to take care to explore a little and take advantage of destroying the metal boxes in the volcano, as well as some monsters that they are inside the dungeon.

This task must be done before reaching the island because we are given the chance to ensure that the parrots can make us move the section with the golden nuts from side to side.

During this research I managed to realize some details:

  • Inside the volcano, there are 10 levels.
  • Upon arrival on the island, the old woman will tell us about her husband the pirate where she will inform us that he was shipwrecked a few years ago in search of the sections of the broken ship.
  • He informs us that he is back on the island and that not only does he end there because there are other memories he is looking for.
  • It is necessary to trade with some villagers.
  • It is necessary to go to town and take the memory of the war with us to get an order from Bardie and in this way talk to people and receive some items they can give us.

The Quest

To complete this research it is necessary to receive these articles that allow us to get the job done and they are:

  • Kent’s gourmet tomato salt when we visit it and give it the memory of the war.
  • A rose when we arrive we visit Gus and give him the gourmet tomato salt.
  • We got a remote when we visited Sandy and gave her the rose.
  • A piece of the Arctic when we visit George and he gives us the advanced TV remote.
  • A worm that moves when we manage to visit the Wizard to give him the Arctic shard.
  • A pirate medallion when we go to see Willy after giving him the moving worm.

Now, with the pirate medallion in our possession, it is necessary to return to Ginger Island to talk to Bardie, this opens the way for a cutscene and as soon as he manages to finish Bardie he is given the opportunity to show us the recipe for “fairy dust”, being the precise moment to opt for a prize that is 5 golden walnuts and thus conclude our task.

How to Craft Fairy Dust

It is necessary to have some necessary requirements and this implies:

  • A diamond: to get it it is necessary to reach level 50 in the mines or enter the deeper levels of the same that may imply level 9 because with this it is possible to duplicate diamonds and transform them perfectly into dust.
  • A fairy rose: this is just a flower that we can get in the fall, it can be grown in pots or simply obtained in a greenhouse.

Once the fairy dust has been obtained, we will have to take care of using it, as this allows us to improve the quality of some products, because when we are able to perfectly combine silver and fairy dust we can achieve the quality of gold, which comes to give an interesting twist to our earnings.

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