Starfield – Auto HDR Workaround Fix

It’s 2023 and Bethesda didn’t include native HDR settings in their game. That’s shocking. What’s worse is that unlike the Gamepass version the Steam version does not activate Windows 11 Auto HDR and SpecialK causes game to crash when entering New Game (I assume loading a new game also). However someone on reddit (May1stBurst) found this fix hours after release:

Auto HDR Guide

Open Starfield installation folder > Make a copy of the .exe and call it farcry5.exe > Open Starfield properties in Steam > Change launch options to include the install location in quotes and %command% at the end.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield\farcry5.exe" %command%

Be sure to have borderless fullscreen on or default settings in-game.

When I opened the ‘farcry5.exe’ in the games folder, Steam showed Starfield launching and Auto HDR kicked in! Enjoy.

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