Steam Tactics

Steam Tactics Trophies for PS4

Developer and publisher Igor Rashkuev has released the official Steam Tactics trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Steam Tactics, players will be collecting 19 trophies consisting of 1 bronze, 8 silver, 9 gold, and 1 platinum trophies. There are 4 secret trophies in Steam Tactics. Check out the full Steam Tactics for PS4 below.

Steam Tactics Trophies

Steam Tactics PlatinumGood job! Completed all tasks!Platinum Trophy
Off to a good startAchieve your first victoryBronze Trophy
Selva (Secret)Piracy is fun but unsustainableSilver Trophy
First stepsLevel up a pilot for the first timeSilver Trophy
First upgradeUpgrade an item for the first timeSilver Trophy
Not bad!Upgrade an item to level 10Silver Trophy
They're cute in their teensLevel up a pilot to level 10Gold Trophy
Two is better than oneAcquire a two-star itemSilver Trophy
LuxuryAcquire a three-star itemGold Trophy
Ship collectorAcquire all shipsGold Trophy
Gun collectorAcquire all gunsGold Trophy
HalfwayComplete the first chapterGold Trophy
Family ties (Secret)Defeat HadesGold Trophy
The Grand Inquisitor (Secret)Defeat NicholausGold Trophy
And the story ends (Secret)Complete the second chapterGold Trophy
It's getting hot in hereAcquire a flamethrowerSilver Trophy
Range mattersAcquire a torpedo launcherSilver Trophy
It smells funnyAcquire an acid gunSilver Trophy
Musk recommendsAcquire a tesla gunSilver Trophy

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