Stonefly PC Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

This guide will be showing you the default Stonefly keyboard and gamepad controls for PC. Note that you can modify the default key controls to your desired keys by simply going to the settings menu of Stonefly.

Stonefly Controls

Action Keyboard Gamepad
Jump Spacebar A
Push Left Mouse Button RT
Break Right Mouse Button X
Mine and Tether F LB
Repair R D-Pad Up
Guidance X D-Pad Down
Dash and Glide Shift RB
Dive Ctrl B
Pull Z + Mouse (Drag) X
Trap Q RB
Lift 1 Y
Bubble 2 RT
Spark Alt A
Decoy E B
Interact F B
Pin Design Right Mouse Button X
Player Menu Tab Y
Field Scan N D-Pad Left
Utility Context   LT

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