Strange Town Walkthrough Guide and Tips

If you’re unfamiliar with the gameplay, check out this guide prepared by the developers about Strange Town. It provides an overview of the game flow and basic gameplay elements.

EPISODE 1 – Firstly


At the start of the game, you will see a UI on the screen that shows your role and a brief description of your role for about 5 seconds. This provides a short summary of information about your role.

After that, on the right side of your in-game screen, there will be a small mission panel that lists your objectives and provides necessary information on how to play the game according to your role.

EPISODE 2 – Sides

There are 2 sides in the game: Innocents and Werewolves.

The basic objective of Innocents is to open the chests and find the key pieces to move to the second part of the map, and then collect the key pieces again to open the exit points and leave the map.

Finding out who the Werewolf is can be an optional task for Innocents since the Werewolf will try to sabotage the Innocents’ escape throughout the game. Control other players’ behaviors to gather information about who might be a Werewolf. For example, if someone ate one of the hanging meats on the map, they are definitely a Werewolf, as Innocents cannot eat these meats.

The goal of Werewolves is to sabotage the Innocents escape and turn into a werewolf on rage phase to kill them. You should make sure that Innocents do not see you and eat the hanging meats on the map. Since it is also possible to kill Innocents before turning into a Werewolf, you can go after solo players and kill them in a place where others cannot see.

EPISODE 3 – Phases

There are 2 phases in the game:

Discussion and Rage. The main difference between these phases is that in the Rage phase, Werewolves can transform, while they cannot do so in the Discussion phase.

Discussion Phase: During this phase, players are expected to come together and discuss who might be the werewolf. Since the werewolf cannot transform during the discussion phase, it is easier to punish them if they are identified.

Rage Phase: This stage is the point where the werewolf can transform if they have collected enough food. If one of the werewolves has transformed, a howling sound can be heard throughout the map.

EPISODE 4 – Things, Lootables

When chests are opened on the map, random items can come out with different probability rates that can be listed under the following titles: Weapons, Bullets, Food, Melee weapons, Key pieces.

Weapons are the items that can best protect you in many stages of the game, but their chances of coming out of the chest are quite low compared to other items.

Weapons must be refilled after each shot. At this point, you will always need bullets.

Food is the support item you will need to fill your health.

Melee weapons can be found at much higher rates than firearms, but their protection is not as high as firearms.

KEY PIECES are the most important items. To move on to the next stage of the map, enough key pieces must be collected. The basic goal of the innocents is to find these pieces.

EPISODE 5 – Stages

The map consists of two different stages. The starting area is the first stage of the game, and the second stage is the area where players pass after collecting the key pieces. At this point, if the first phase of anger is over, poisonous gas begins to fill the first stage of the map, and players have limited time to collect the necessary key pieces and move on to the second stage. This gas is the players’ last chance to pass to stage 2. If they are exposed to gas for a long time, they will die, and werewolves will win the game.

There are evacuation points in the second stage of the map. If enough key pieces are collected, these evacuation points will open, and the innocents will win the game by leaving the game from these points.

EPISODE 6 – Win Condition

For the Innocents: It is mandatory to evacuate the map. Killing the Werewolf does not mean they win the game.

For the Werewolves: They need to sabotage or kill all the Innocents to prevent them from reaching the evacuation points. If no Innocent reaches the evacuation point and escapes the map, the Werewolves win.

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