Stray Save Game File Location

With all of the fun and adventure that you’re currently experiencing in Stray, it’s never a good thing to lose all of your progress. However, we sometimes can’t avoid it, especially if there are unexpected Stray crashing issues or whatever the reason is. To avoid losing progress, one should have at least a backup copy of the save game.

Apart from the default in-game saves, we’re lucky that we have the option to manually and locally backup the save game progress of Stray. This guide will show you where to find the Stray save game.

Stray Save Game Location

So, where can we find the save game files of Stray? Here’s where you can find it:


To backup the save game, all you need to do is copy the SaveGames folder to another directory. In our case, we make a copy on the desktop for us to easily find it.

Having a backup copy of the save game file will surely save you time in case something unwanted happens. We highly recommend that you manually back up your progress once you finish an important task, such as finding all Stray collectibles, obtaining some trophies and achievements, and more.

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