SuchArt! Update Patch Notes

SuchArt! update has just been rolled out by developer Voolgi. The new update that was released today, September 15th, addressed some of the known bugs and issues in the game. We already got the patch notes and you can now read them below.

To sum up this patch, it fixed some in-game related items and features such as the emails from Rugus, commission request size, and more. SuchArt! update is now available for download on all supported platforms.

SuchArt! Update Patch Notes

  • Fixed many emails from Rugus showing up way earlier than they should have been.
  • Fixed the description of the duct tape mentioning 4 different sizes of tape, while there are now 5 (not fixed for all languages yet).
  • Fixed a commission’s requested size not being set to small, despite the email explicitly asking for it.
  • Fixed the holo stencil UI colliding with physical objects.
  • Fixed couldn’t throw objects with no gravity (such as the flying desk) in the trash chute.
  • The flying palette should now stabilize a little bit faster.

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