Summum Aeterna

Summum Aeterna Controls and Shortcuts

Summum Aeterna is a 2D roguelike video game developed and published by Aeternum Game Studios. The game offers a lot of fun and action, which players will surely enjoy.

With all the actions that you need to perform while playing the game, you should at least know the basic movements and actions in the Summum Aeterna. This page will cover all the basic Summum Aeterna controls and shortcuts that you should know.

Summum Aeterna Controls

The following details are found during the tutorial section of the game. Unfortunately, it seems that some actions are not shown in the controls section of the game. This is why we will list down all the actions that can be done in the game.

MovementArrow Keys
Double JumpSpacebar (Double Tap)
Primary AttackQ
Secondary AttackW
Tertiary AttackR
Consumable 11
Consumable 22
Consumable 33
Consumable 44
Pause MenuEsc
Summum Aeterna Controls

While you can play the game using your keyboard, we highly recommend that you use a gamepad controller to fully experience the fun of the game. Well, that was our opinion during our testing period.

And this is everything for this Summum Aeterna key bindings and shortcuts guide. In case we missed any controls, please do let us know.

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