Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale – All Chicken Related Cosmetics

A List of all chicken related cosmetics as of 6/8/2023 that I could find in-game. I will go over how to get these cosmetics too, also things like the turkey will not be included, I only care for CHICKEN.


First off we have the breeds, the bread and butter of chicken kind, the Chicken and BBQ sau- yeah I dunno where I was going with that

Basic Chicken – 100 Chicken DNA 24 S. Serum – Where it all starts, the classic

Orange Chicken – 150 Chicken DNA 38 S. Serum – Slightly Pre-Cooked chicken, I like him

Black Chicken – 200 Chicken DNA 52 S. Serum – The Evil Twin

Spicy Chicken – 210 Chicken DNA 55 S. Serum – I can’t tell you how many times I got spicy chicken at taco bell, I have a grudge

Chick Chicken – 225 Chicken DNA 65 S. Serum – Yes I’m aware it’s just chick I’m still adding chicken

Fried Chicken – 300 Chicken DNA 78 S. Serum – Is it bad I use the fried chicken for summer sets?

tEchIcallly if you want the extras, The Rooster, Turkey, and… *squints* Turducken?

Yeah I dunno either m8


Yeah, uh, this was a sad section, I only found a grand total of one hat, either way

Chicken Comb – Super Animal Pass 5 – Ah yes I sure love playing as a Dove with this on

No, the red mowhawk doesn’t count, don’t ask


As of the creation of this guide there is currently no neck wear, I like the white apron ig but yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah nothin.


Sadly only one cosmetic here too, but I think it’s one of the best eyewear in the game thankfully.

Egg Sleeping Mask – Super Animal Pass 5 – Wear the, uh, melted eggs of your enemies, yeah that’s harsh


Ah the section with the most cosmetics in the game, thankfully this is backed up by having chicken cosmetics!

Chicken Suit – Super Animal Pass 5 – It took me 8 hours to notice this was a cosmetic

wait what do you mean there was only 1-

Facial Hair?

I forgot this is a cosmetic slot sorry mate


I’m going to have to give a special thanks to this streamer for GIVING ME, A UMBRELLA, THANK YOU

Egg Umbrella – Northernlion Streamer Item – Thank you for feeding my weird obession


Next up we ha-… uh oh

Chicken Nugget Gravestone – Super Animal Pass 5 – oh dear

Chicken Dinner Gravestone – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (Win as a chicken) – I forgot about this

Death Explosions

Sadly none, however maybe they should add chicken feathers? Doesn’t the bawking dead have that for their jumps? Been too long.


And then to end this (I hope) we have the melee weapons!

Chicken Dumstick – Super Animal Pass 5 – Imagine a chicken beating another chicken with a chicken while holding a chicken, yup, I’m losing my marbles.

Rubber Chicken – Super Animal Pass 3 – I haven’t had this hit me yet but I hope it makes the funny sounds


Sadly no weapon skins, and no I’m not going to go over every single BCG, I have some self respect.

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