Super Mega Baseball 3

Super Mega Baseball 3 Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer and publisher Metalhead Software released the official Super Mega Baseball 3 achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Super Mega Baseball 3, players will be collecting 41 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. There is no secret or hidden achievements out of 41 achievements in the game. Check out the full Super Mega Baseball 3 achievements for Xbox One.

Super Mega Baseball 3 Achievements

Dingers For DaysHit a home run.5
Turn TwoGet two outs on the same play against the CPU.5
Hope That Comes Out In The WashMake an out with a diving catch.5
War of AttritionFoul off 4 pitches with a 2-strike count against the CPU.5
Fairness Is OverratedWhile editing a Custom team, increase all of one player's skills to 99.5
Old DogsIn Franchise mode, make the playoffs with an average team age of 33 or more.5
This Game Is Rigged!In any Custom game mode, play a championship between two user-controlled teams.5
Big SpenderIn Franchise mode, sign a player to a salary of $10m or more.5
Faith In PotentialIn Franchise mode, sign a player with an overall skill of C- or below.5
Not On My WatchPick off a baserunner when playing against the CPU.5
The Grand EqualizerHit a home run with the bases loaded when down by exactly 4 runs.10
Mortal Comeback!Overcome a 5-run deficit for a win in a Franchise, Season, or Elimination game.10
AnnihilationReach a 12-run lead in a Franchise, Season, or Elimination game.10
Making The RoundsHit a home run in every stadium.10
A Star Is BornIn Franchise mode, increase a player's overall rating to S through Player Development.10
Banking For The FutureIn Franchise mode, end the regular season with a payroll less than 50% of your team's budget.10
Stealing Is IllegalThrow out a CPU-controlled baserunner attempting to steal a base.10
Small Ballin'Get a base hit with a bunt while playing against the CPU.10
Nice Move, CoachStrike out a pinch hitter on three strikes against the CPU.10
Back to Back to Back to BackHit 4 home runs in a row against the CPU.15
Sub N' SwipeSteal 3rd base with a pinch runner against the CPU.15
Fixer UpperIn Franchise mode, remove a negative trait from a player through Player Development.15
FilthyStrike out 15 batters in one game with a single pitcher against the CPU.20
4 Dingers Would Have Been BetterHit a single, double, triple, and home run with the same player in a single game.20
Playoff FavoriteIn Season or Franchise mode, make it to the playoffs as the top seed in your league or conference.20
Custom BracketeerWin the championship of a Custom Elimination.20
Custom CaptainWin the championship of a Custom Franchise or Season.25
Monster MoonshotHit a 500+ foot home run.30
Lights OutPitch a 9+ inning complete-game shutout in a Standard Franchise, Season, or Elimination game.30
Immaculate InningStrike out 3 batters while throwing exactly 9 pitches in a single inning.30
Top Notch Pitching RotationPitch 10 complete-game wins in a single regular season (9+ inning games only).30
Standard BracketeerWin the championship of a Standard Elimination.40
Star-Studded OffenseComplete a standard regular season with your players leading the league in AVG, HRs, and RBIs.40
What a Staff!Complete a standard regular season with your players leading the league in ERA, Ks, and WHIP.40
El PerfectoPitch a 9+ inning perfect game with a single pitcher in Franchise, Season or Elimination mode.40
Standard SultanWin the championship of a Standard Franchise or Season.50
Start of a DynastyWin 2 championships of a Standard Franchise in a row.60
The Perfect SeasonIn Standard Franchise or Season mode, win every game in the regular season.60
SMB3 Season MasterWin the championship of a Standard Season with a season average Ego of 80 or higher.80
SMB3 Franchise MasterWin five championships in the same Standard Franchise.80
#Ego99 ChallengeWin a 9+ inning game against the CPU at Ego 99 where both teams are Standard teams.100

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