Super Robot Wars 30

Super Robot Wars 30 Save Game File Location

Super Robot Wars 30 is finally out and many players have already started their adventure in the game. For those who are looking where to find the save game file of Super Robot Wars 30, you’re in luck as this guide will tell you where to find them. Whatever your reasons are, here is where you can find the Super Robot Wars 30 save game.

Super Robot Wars 30 Save Game Location

Before you modify or make any changes to your save game data, we highly recommend making a backup copy of the file. This will be your lifesaver in case something unwanted happens while editing the save game.

So, where is the Super Robot Wars 30 save game data file? You can find it here:


To easily get to the save game directory, simply copy and paste the directory listed above on your Windows explorer tab. You can also open the Run Command window on your PC and copy and paste %LocalAppData% to easily open the App Data folder.

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