Super Toy Cars 2

Super Toy Cars 2 Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer Eclipse Games has released the official Super Toy Cars 2 achievement list for Xbox One.

In Super Toy Cars 2, players will be earning a total of 1,000 Gamerscore to earn the 16 achievements in the game. Below is the list of Super Toy Cars 2 achievements and how to complete them.

Trying Power-UpsUse 10 power-ups25
First VictoryWin 1 Event25
Demolition ManWin 1 Demolition Derby event50
WinnerWin 100 events of any type125
SocializePlay a multiplayer game either local or online25
Power-Ups ExpertUse 100 power-ups50
Arms RaceUse 1000 power-ups75
Long TripRace 500 miles100
DestructorDestroy 100 cars50
Epic FinishCross the finish line while being destroyed50
All Cups Available!Unlock all cups in Career Mode50
Driven Half the WayEarn half the total points on Career Mode75
Finish Career NideEarn all points in Career Mode100
All Categories CoveredBuy at least 1 car for each Vehicle Class50
Fully Tuned Up!Buy all the upgrades for one of your cars in Career Mode25
Car CollectionAcquire all cars in Career Mode125

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