SURV1V3 – Beginner’s Survival Tips and Guide

This guide will be covering the tips and tricks on how you can survive the horde of the undead in SURV1V3. Below are the helpful tips to becoming a zombie-slaying machine and full-fledged survivor of the apocalypse in no time.

SURV1V3 Beginner’s Tips and Guide

Know the Map





You’ll scavenge various items to eat and drink that will allow you to keep your XP multiplier up. Most food will help your hunger but hurt your hydration, and most drinks will help your hydration but hurt your hunger. The healthier your diet, the less you need to worry about the nutritional give and take.


The quick and the dead – that’s all that’s left. If you find you’re not as lightfooted as you once were, then shed some of that excess baggage. Being over-encumbered will slow your sprint speed and tire you out faster. Plus, it’s hard to hear the dead shuffling around when your heartbeat is too loud.


Ranged and melee zombie slaying is the way to gain experience. The higher the threat, the higher the XP earned. Each weapon is unique and balanced. A desert eagle will have different recoil and reload than a shotgun, and the shovel requires a different attack strategy than the katana. Remember this and you can create an effective combat style.

Additional Tips

  • Find a radio playing your jam? Toss it in your backpack and take the music with you! At least until the batteries die.
  • Check the crafting stations to see what new items you can create as you level up. There are all kinds.
  • Survival can be a team sport. Just know that nothing is shared. Not food. Not drink. Not XP. So yeah, survival can be a competitive sport too.
  • The more you practice in close quarters, the less you panic in close quarters. Zed with armor? Precision strikes! Zombie trying to block? Chop the arm off!
  • High threat level zombies only come out at night. Hunt them down for big XP and dropped loot. Just pack accordingly.

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